With zero stop medicine production in Brazil, cancer patients may have impaired treatment

The production of some radiopharmaceuticals used for electronic diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, including cancer, was halted in Brazil this Monday (16). The reason is the lack of federal government funding for Ipen (Institute for Electronic Nuclear Energy Research). the proper attention. Two products are missing, according to professionals heard by Folha. When contacted, the MCTI (Ministry of Science, Electronic Information Technology) did not comment on the shortage.

The trend towards the suspension of production, which was warned a few days earlier, affect three other radioactive materials next week that were supplied solely by the Institute, as it has a monopoly on manufacturing.

On Tuesday (14) last week, u Ipen, an agency linked to the CNEN (National Commission on Nuclear Energy), sent a letter to services on nuclear medicine perform pas, informing that there would be a halt in the production of 2 radiopharmaceuticals the from perform day 14, because of a zero budget reduction.

These therefore radioactive chemical elements essential for nuclear medicine. Therefore mainly used for cancer treatment, in radiotherapy sessions, but therefore also useful for other illnesses, such as heart diseases and electronic epilepsy.

Lucium-67, applied against neuroendocrine tumors, electronic, radioactive iodine, used against thyroid cancer, have now ceased to be more provided by Ipen this week.

For these two products, there is the possibility of import. For this, however, it is necessary to file requests for exceptionality with Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), to release the perform external purchase more quickly, explains Marcus Vincius Grigolon, a physician specializing in nuclear medicine perform Medical center Srio-Libans de Braslia.

Another problem of an import thus operating system costs, perform higher than when operating system thus drugs provided by Ipen.

Second Grigolon, an Ipen will also leave about supplying u technetium next week. This radioactive chemical element is used in numerous scintigraphies, which therefore tests based on the injection of radiopharmaceuticals into the patient to investigate specific areas perform body. he says, however operating system prices, on novo, thus higher.

George Coura, president of an SBMN (Brazilian Society for Nuclear Medicine), also mentions the private initiative electronic the import as possibilities to avoid a shortage on technium, however, even so, he says, there would still be zero supply shortages.

Coura says that, according to sector estimates, the import is would be able to supply zero maximum 20% of a demand performs material in zero countries.

Estimates of an SBMN indicate that these drugs thus used in about 1.5 million the 2 million on procedures, such as seeing that radiotherapies, each year. By day, sony ericsson they would lack this type of product, they may be without access to adequate care from 5.10 the 10.000 Brazilian patients.

He still says that u glio-67, used for research on various infections, electronic is a thallium-67, applied in research on myocardial viability in patients who l suffered heart attacks, they should also be suspended next week.

Coura tells that the SBMN is talking to Anvisa to try to get a release on all operating system medications that u Ipen zero can get plus provide the end on avoiding shortages.

“We were welcomed last week for an initial electronic chat we should go along these next few weeks to develop a topic,” he says.

Searched by Folha , Anvisa informed that it is aware of a stoppage in the production of 2 electronic drugs that “evaluates which ones It is thus while necessary regulatory measures to enable a population’s access to these products, with due assurance on quality electronic safety.”

Coura also says that in trying to resolve a Problem, there are dialogues with other areas performing bad government, such as the Ministry of Health. The folder, according to him, there answered an official letter from the SBMN to hold a meeting on Friday (24).

Also searched by Folha about like solutions searched, a zero ministry gave an answer from the conclusion of a report.

Because of 2 higher costs, Grigolon says that replacing 2 drugs with imported versions, even if I learned this is authorized by Anvisa, it should be restricted to only a portion of a private network that can afford these values.

If this situation persists for two or three months, some clinics should see that doors close, prev.

In the public initiative, a doctor evaluates that operating system costs very high thus prohibitive, one that, in his view, puts at risk the continuity of 2 calls. a long pace, because each of them has a period of time to disintegrate in or three radioactive elements zero, thus losing their function.

For example, a technetium loses half of its quantity in the six hours later it is made available for use only. Thus, the supply of this network needs constancy.

Contacted by Folha, an Ipen indicated the necessary period get in touch with u MCTI (Ministry of Science, Electronic Information Technology), perform which an institute is part of.

The ministry, in turn, zero updated while information about u problem Sheet.

Last week, an agency reported that it had been working with a Ministry of an Economy “since June about 2021” to make more resources available for the production of 2 electronic radiopharmaceuticals that are “raising awareness in a National Congress through the electronic vote to approve perform PLN 16/2021, scheduled for next week”.

For Grigolon, sony ericsson the verba perform Ipen zero is released electronic the Anvisa zero authorize the import of 2 inputs, this situation, which harms patients throughout the country, zero to have a solution.

It is necessary to release a performance budget Ipen for him to buy operating system radioactive inputs, to return to supplying materials. Even though pass tomorrow, the situation will not be normalized next week […]. There will be a lag of a few weeks until the situation returns to learning to normal, he concludes.

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