With untruths of a pandemic, podcast discusses the future of a vaccination; Or the

(Perform to appear virus Sars-Cov-2, operating system scientists expected that the world population would experience a bad pandemic. Electronic, despite that, no country was really prepared for what ended up happening in the last two years.

Zero sixth electronic last episode perform Immune Response, one Leaf podcast on how seeing that vaccines have changed a world, journalist Reinaldo Jos Lopes will discuss what were brought while is situated for the current electronic pandemic as technology on vaccines, surveillance, electronic diplomacy and trust will be fundamental to avoid a new tragedy.

The episode includes the participation on Natalia Pasternak, who is the electronic microbiologist who is president of Instituto Questo sobre Ciência; Ester Sabino, performer researcher at USP’s Tropical Medicine Institute; Gustavo Cabral de Miranda, performs at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences at USP; electronic Lucas Zanandrez, electronic biomedical science disseminator, with a master’s degree from UFMG.

Or an episode:

The Immune Response is published on Wednesday mornings on major podcast platforms. The podcast is produced by Juliana Deodoro electronic sound editing by Luan Alencar. Support from GSK.

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