Where the hell did they get the picture about fanatic 2 templars?

A quick stopover here is to share my embarrassment with the gentle reader perform weblog.

I’m finishing up on reading an interesting work on operating system Templrios, the order about knight-monks created in mat dieses Crusades, electronic simply cannot leave over finding it very curious how the current far right embraced the image of them as u sum up 2 religious fanatics who would be content with the overall destruction perform Isl electronic the definitive resumption of a claus Holy Land. For those folks, Templar operating system would be the Christian version 2 300 of Sparta (incidentally, also far right darlings), those who never back down electronic never sony ericsson surrender.


We have reports of members of an order welcoming Muslim friends in Jerusalem, engaging in diplomatic relations with potentates perform Isl electronic, of course, doing things very different from brawling with a sword (acting as bankers, for example).

Why, then, does the legend perform fanaticism? Modern political distortion seems to me the only explanation.

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