US announces standards to cut 85% on gas used in air conditioning electronic refrigerator, viles carry out climate

A new measure, announced this Thursday (15), seeks to reduce 70% carry out consumption over hydrofluorocarbons in the United States within the next 2 10 years. The goal, if fulfilled, should avoid by the year 2100 an increase of 0.5C in the temperature of the planet.

These fumes, important causes of the greenhouse effect, Thus used in equipment over refrigeration normally, such as electronic refrigerator air conditioning. Its application in this industry has grown in recent decades as substitutes for 2 chlorofluorocarbons, operating system CFCs, which cause damage to the ozone layer.

The rule was issued by the Environmental protection agency electronic begins the count on 2022. In the first year, it intends to reduce by 10% the emissions of 2 hydrofluorocarbons.

To reach the This percentage, the American autarchy reported that only from 1st to October about 2021 issuing like permissions on the use of these gases for u next year.

The agency He also stated that he will constantly review the rule to keep the target on reducing diesel emissions on time. According to data released by the organization, in 2029 the intention of having already decreased 70% the use of 2 HFCs, acronym for which these smokes are also known therefore.

According to estimates, a program presented on Thursday will reduce seeing that 2 HFCs emissions at 4.6 billion tons on Company2. This amount is equivalent to the approximately three years perform that emitted by the US energy sector (considering the number perform year over 2019).

Cut these Climate ‘superpollutants’ protect our environment, strengthen our economy electronic demonstrates that operating system United States is on a roll when sony ericsson comes to lead the world in tackling an electronic climate change in reducing global warming perform in the coming years, said Eileen S. Regan, administrator of an Environmental protection agency, news agency of an entity.

In addition to performing the environment, the rule will also be important for ra the economy. The agency estimated that, in 44 years of application in the program, there should be an accumulated savings of approximately US$ 85 billion (something around U$1,44 rail).

The agency He also states that the new measure will result in zero development on new technologies that are less polluting for the American industry.

The EPA, in order to enforce new rules, also said that it will work with the DHS (Department of Homeland Security ) to prevent an electronic trade like illegal imports of 2 HFCs.

The learned rule aligns with other electronic actions the Biden government performs plans to decrease consumption of HFCs in the United States to stop global warming, as u support research or purchases on other substances that replace these more harmful gases.

HFCs are among operating system fumes that must be cut from zero planet, under the agreement of a Protocol on Montreal, only bre 1987, set on actions to mitigate the destruction of an ozone layer. The international treaty also includes 2 HFCs electronic CFCs in addition, operating system hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) electronic operating system hydrobromofluorocarbons (HBFCs).

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