UK mother Nicola Priest killed daughter as she became ‘obstacle’ in sex

A mother in the UK has been found guilty of killing her three-year-old daughter after she became an ‘obstacle’ to sex with her boyfriend.

A girl named Kylie-Jade was found dead in Birmingham on August 9 last year. Whose chest and abdomen were injured. Her 23-year-old mother Nicola Priest has been sentenced to 15 years in prison in the murder case. Her 22-year-old boyfriend has also been sentenced to 14 years.

The couple has been sentenced by Birmingham Crown Court. They killed the three-year-old girl because she became an obstacle in his sex life. Months before he killed his daughter, she used the girl as a prop to make a video of himself.

During the sentencing hearing, Justice Fokton said that on August 8, Redfern (boyfriend) went to Priest’s flat. You both had sex. Kylie wanted to live and play there. There is no direct evidence of what happened next. You beat Kylie at night which caused her to have a fever. You were both angry and it is clear that you both attacked her together. You both knew you had seriously injured Kylie.

There was nothing that you did to cause Kylie to get medical treatment. Her life could have been saved if you had taken him to the doctor. You both repeatedly lied. Both you and Redfern are equally responsible for Kylie’s death, the judge said.

Kylie’s mother called 999 and informed the police. Officers investigated the incident. The police investigation revealed that the mother had killed her daughter. She killed her daughter because she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend but the daughter became an obstacle.

The mother had planned to escape but CCTV footage of the building revealed all. The footage shows the mother walking away with her daughter shortly before the murder. She was interrogated by the police and finally confessed to the crime.

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