The Brazilian Innovation Has A Death Valley

A creative Brazilian researcher. They would have many ideas to increase the development of new products, with great potential to improve human health. Medicines, vaccines, diagnostic methods therefore main examples.

Unfortunately, a number about products that tread the route about zero innovation Brazil, candidates to occupy a place on the shelf about products for use in health, very small when compared to countries with a tradition in technological innovation.

Why? They would have many reasons that deserve urgent reflection.

The pandemic over Covid-19 has generated some international crisis. The world saw a desperate search for technological solutions. There was some evidence of urgency in the development of tests for diagnostics which, fortunately, are now popular. Operating system antiviral treatments began to be tested at the beginning of the pandemic, both with the repositioning of drugs used for other diseases and with new medicines, developed to face the new coronavirus. We all follow the controversy of many medications that got by the way, for not having their effectiveness confirmed in rigorous studies. The development of vaccines beat all operating system records, enabling their use about 11 months after the identification performs Sars-CoV-2 as the causal agent of the disease.

Brazil contributed with several surveys, either while conducted exclusively here or participating in international projects. However, the discovery of new products to cope with a Covid-19 was conceived in other countries. As a result, it was necessary to import the overwhelming majority of 2 diagnostic tests of new electronic vaccine antiviral options.

The big problem we have is the link between an electronic concept and development, these first steps of discovery in the laboratory from the clinical phase on testing. what sony ericsson calls a “death valley”.

At this stage, an accurate summation of occurrences. The invention needs to go through validation steps, with manufacture on pilot batches under stringent production conditions. Then, for electronic vaccine treatments, it is necessary to have safety studies in models, both in the laboratory, with cells that simulate complex organisms, and in experimental animals. Such therefore steps are critical to ensure the safety performs the product.

The park on universities, research institutes and electronic Brazilian companies capable of fulfilling these requirements is quite limited.

Soma- if, all this, a high cost involved to leverage innovative products. For example, the production of a pilot batch of monoclonal antibody for use as an antiviral, following the validation steps, can cost US$ 6 million. In addition to the scarcity of financial resources in Brazil, due to frequent cuts of funds destined for scientific development, the bureaucracy for the use of complex electronic public resources is time-consuming.

Without regional capacity, the trailer performs the international market, subject to availability electronic competing with developed countries.

It is worth discussing some policy on national incentive, I learned that we want Brazilian discoveries to arrive faster: increase investment in science in electronic universities research institutes, relieve the line productive about biotechnological innovation, facilitate the import of zero inputs available here electronic stimulate investment in Brazilian companies.

Only in this way can we create seeing that bridges to cross a “death valley” electronic to perform Brazil a barn about new discoveries.

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