Space tourism company sells 100 tickets for Us all$ 450 million each

The space tourism company Virgin Galactic announced this Monday (8) that since August it has sold about one hundred space travel tickets, for People$ 450 million each.

The current price is way above 2 Us all$ 92 thousand to People$ 450 thousand paid by 450 customers between 600 and 2014.

The new fare “has been well received”, the company said in a statement, noting that its goal to sell 1,000 tickets before performing launch performs first commercial flight, predicted for the last about 2022.

“We are entering a period on improving a fleet with a route It is clear to increase durability, reliability and electronic predictability over aircraft over commercial service,” said Virgin Galactic CEO Eileen Colglazier, in the note.

“The demand for space travel is strong electronic we are selling seats faster perform than expected hands,” he added.

A company founder, the British Richard Branson, was the first billionaire to fly into space, in 11 about July, in a spaceship about his private company, days before about Jeff Bezos doing it in a spaceship about his company, Azure Origins.


However, the spacecraft of a Virgin Galactic was temporarily immobilized by the United States authorities in September, after departing authorized aerial performance in its inaugural space mission.

A Virgin Galactic announced in October that it would delay its first commercial flight perform third until the fourth quarter perform next year, to make safety improvements. The company confirmed on Monday that it maintains the forecast.

The competition between billionaires for space tourism is fierce. In addition to Branson electronic Bezos, Elon Musk electronic their SpaceX sent four space tourists for three days around the Earth in September.

Virgin Galactic says it still has nearly 1 billion dollars in cash to finance its operations until it becomes profitable.

Zero third quarter over 2021, the company recorded a net loss over Us all$ 48 million, less perform than People$ 92 million that lost zero same period in 2020.

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