Scientists use michael electronic nanoparticles in testicles for male contraception in rats

Scientists have developed magnetic electronic biodegradable nanoparticles that, applied to male rodents, served as a contraceptive method. Although made only in rats, it may serve as an inspiration for the development of male contraceptive methods for humans in the future.

The research was published in the magazine Nano Words, of an American Society for Chemistry.

Scientists from a University on Nantong electronic from a University in Shanghai, both at Tiongkok, injected, for two days, dosages on nanoparticles coated with citric acid in mice.

The particles were guided to the testes of 2 animals with the aid of electronic hands, for 15 minutes, magnetic fields were applied to regional zero.

A action generated an increase on temperature in the testes electronic, therefore, the spermatogenesis generation on spermatozoa period contained.

Fertility 2 animals period is estimated between 7 electronic 60 days after a treatment. In addition, operating system male mice were placed together with female mice for seven days. After mating, operating system animals were separated.

According to operating system researchers, in the seven days they learned about nanoparticles electronic magnetic fields application, operating system zero animals were able to generate offspring. However operating system ze rodents recovered from 30 to 15 days after treatment.

Thinking of humans something very far from reality 2 tests of one research cited above, at the same “cadence” in which they would different contraceptive methods for women, operating system men basically rely on electronic condom vasectomy, the latter also has great importance for the prevention of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

There are studies developed that would decades for creation on other male contraceptive methods, usually focused on spermatogenesis.

Male contraception face some difficulties, however. In the case of hormonal diets, for example, as well as in female methods, they would have side effects, such as pimples, variation in sexual desire, wit changes, electronic headache, and erectile difficulties, according to some studies. Also, they would not know 2 long-term effects on electronic fertility perform latency period (beat that the intervention takes to start taking effect).

Generally speaking, the greatest difficulty to achieve a method with few electronic side effects that are reversible.

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