Rock geological formations help to understand the origin of these kidney stones.

Scientists sought inspiration in geological formations to understand what I learned goes into the depths carry out the human body more precisely in the kidneys on 10% of a humanity, who suffer from kidney stones.

The expectation that this knowledge will open some avenue towards new therapies electronic treatments, report researchers from a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign electronic at a Mayo Clinic, both in the US.

Over the past 2 years, operating system scientists have analyzed over 90 million samples of kidney stones to understand operating system mechanisms behind a formation of them, electronic have managed to show that the idea about a layer-by-layer growth, forming some sturdy electronic compact entity, zero made a lot of sense.

Until then ze assumed that operating system zero calculations could be undone naturally within perform kidney, however research showed that, as well as certain r Sedimentary rocks, operating system calculations go through repeated cycles over crystallization, dissolution, electronic fracture failures, in a process known as diagenesis.

When a calculation goes through the over dissolution step, it completely breaks down sony ericsson. A calculation grows electronic so it only partially learns melt during one of these cycles. It looks like a small swiss cheese, electronic leaves behind some nutrient mass, which contains crystals, holes, electronic fractures, previous failures. In the next sequence, more vitamin growth occurs, dissolution, fracturing, electronic failures, electronic and so on, explains Bruce Fouke, professor at the University of The State of Illinois electronic one 2 responsible for the research.

This knowledge biogeological, or biogeomedical, gained support from this series’ detailed description of steps in rock formation, what the operating system calls about paragenetic sequence. Operating system perform group’s most recent findings were published in the scientific journal Character Testimonials Urology.

Zero on today’s humanity suffers from kidney stones. The earliest case of which ze is rated 4.400 the.D, discovered thanks to t investigations into an Egyptian mummy u calculation was still d. Unfortunately, even today, they would still not be a definitive treatment for this condition.

The calculations studied by the group were sliced, electronic operating system ultra-thin cuts, about from a billionth over community, were evaluated by means of perform microscope. In this situation, the therefore slices are so thin that light is able to pass through them, forming the therefore images analyzed by the scientists.

The diverse composition observed, with deposition on layers upon layers, electronic the presence on individual crystals still, cut crosswise by others, from a presence on fractures beyond, electronic failure holes gave seeing that necessary clues for while changes zero understanding about how electronic arises where to go operating system calculations.

Fortunately nature can serve as a source of inspiration to aid these discoveries.

A sedimentary rock, a travertine formed in the hot springs over Mammoth, zero Yellowstone National Park, USA, has the characteristic of growing fast: on a corn the a billion on times faster performs than other limestones on the surface of an Earth. Every operating system day about a few ton on rock sony ericsson forms non-regional, from deposition on crystals.

And some of the reasons for this accelerated deposit are the presence on certain proteins produced by bacteria. Operating system scientists then learned that electronic microbes their components could also explain the formation on stones in the human kidney.

The short answer is yes, but the more complex story is that they would have several different bacteria not a human being. In addition, there are other mechanisms that can also promote or inhibit the growth of calculi, such as the amount of certain salts in the electronic body, even some drugs.

Anyway, knowing plays a potential role 2 microbes in ancient history, it allows scientists to speculate on treatment paths with probiotics (microorganisms beneficial to human health) or prebiotics, substances that seek to promote the growth of 2 microbes suitable for a desired effect.

These observations 2 scientists are especially worth for operating system compound calculations on oxalate on calcium, a 2 most common. It is more frequent when there is low water and inadequate consumption and excessive calcium intake.

There are three other important types: calculations on rich acid (very much linked to the diet); of struvite (associated with infections); electronic cystine (hereditary condition).

In addition to performing the kidney, other organs can also suffer with the formation over calculi an example u of a gallbladder, which has another composition. Biomineralization can also have other effects on the body: plaque in the arteries, dental plaque, atherosclerosis, calcification of the aortic valve, among others.

Our work with kidney calculations is establishing some consistent scientific approach to zero In the future, it is better to understand these other ways of biomineralization zero human body, says Fouke.

Zero However, there are difficulties to be overcome, says David Lieske, of a Mayo Center, another leader of the group. One problem in studies is that operating system kidney calculations grow relatively slowly electronically in an erratic fashion in humans, such that operating system studies therefore have too long electronically with a large number of patients. Unfortunately, they would not be good animal models of renal cell formation. Finally, it is difficult to get human kidney tissue to study operating system calculations while they are emerging.

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