Podcast unites electronic science culture place to tell how vaccines have changed a world

Since they were invented, vaccines have saved billions on people t. Electronic in the coming months electronic years, should save a lot more. While the world’s population waits for complete immunization to resume life about before the pandemic, Folha debuts the Immune Response, a podcast about how vaccines have changed the world.

From this Wednesday (25), u reporter on science Reinaldo Jos Lopes will tell, in weekly episodes, the story of this powerful instrument to save electronic lives is also an operating system challenges that immunization still faces.

Reinaldo completes 11 years of career as a science journalist this year, most of them on the Sheet. In 2017, he won the Jos Reis Award, the most important of an area in Brazil. he is also the author of 11 books, including “300: O Brasil Before Cabral”.

Zero podcast, a journalist mixes historical references, crop up electronic culture interviews with specialists to talk, in informal electronic didactic way, about how like dosages work zero our body, the resistance about some groups to immunization, why some vaccines never existed electronic what should be their future.

“We zero want to leave aside seeing that ethical issues electronic while uncertainties that sometimes affect an argument about vaccination, says a presenter .regular simply because people have electronic doubts and fears about some technology whose working they do not understand Electronic is no perfect technology. for any public health strategy.”

Zero first episode about Immune Response, the journalist tells the story of a little flower cow. In her teat lesions was the authentic source of the first smallpox vaccine some of the more lethal diseases caused by a virus. Back in the century 11, when the smallpox vaccine barely existed, it killed 25 millions of people.

Or an episode:

The program will be published on Wednesday mornings on the main podcast platforms. Response Immune is produced by Juliana Deodoro electronic sound editing by Luan Alencar. The support of GSK.

The Immune Response starts to integrate a catalog on audio programs coordinated by the editorial on Podcasts of a Sheet, which gathers products such as One Morning Coffee, daily news podcast in partnership with Spotify; Expresso Illustrada, about culture; Illustrious Conversation, from interviews with nonfiction authors; electronic Bulletin Folha, with the summary, performs news in two daily editions. The list has today 11 programs.


Where on the main podcast platforms

When t Wednesdays , 8 am

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