Podcast explains the origin of 2 electronic anti-vaccination movements how to fight them

Sony ericsson the uncertainty myself carry out fear, as Monteiro Lobato wrote in Um Saci (1921), the lack of information on how while vaccines work the origin of 2 anti-vaccination movements.

Zero third episode perform Reply Immune, podcast of a Leaf about how like vaccines changed a world, journalist Reinaldo Jos Lopes explains seeing that origins 2 movements that they advocate against vaccination, one they say electronic u that sony ericsson can do to fight them.

For this, he relies on the participation of perform immunologist Marcelo Napimoga, who is director of postgraduate electronics research of a Faculty So Leopoldo Mandic; Dayane Machado, PhD student at the Electronic Technological Scientific Policy Department at Unicamp; by researcher Clarissa Simas, perform Project on Confidence in Vaccines at the London School of Electronic Hygiene Tropical Medicine; electronic perform psychologist Altay de Souza, perform Department of Psychobiology of a Government University of So Paulo (Unifesp).

Or an episode:

O Immune Response published on Wednesday mornings on major podcast platforms. The podcast is produced by Juliana Deodoro electronic sound editing by Luan Alencar. The support of GSK.

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