One what does the term algorithm mean?

Jos Morgado, my teacher of algebra at the University perform Porto, explained the difference between mathematical electronic chemistry: Operating system chemists perform complicated names to simple things, we give simple names to complicated things. Jokes aside, mathematics has fewer technical terms perform than chemistry (or biology), but the way they therefore created is much more interesting.

One thing operating system mathematical terms share with like words that their meanings can evolve along perform pace. Algorithm is a good example.

The word derives perform name perform mathematical electronic Muslim astronomer Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi (g.780m.850), who, zero century , had one of his works translated into Latin under the title Algoritmi de numero indorum (Al-Khwarizmi on Hindu numbers). Thus it acquired its authentic meaning: study performs the decimal number system, created by the Hindus. We are left with a digit, which is some of the same word verse.

At the beginning of the performance 12, a meaning there was evolving. In Margarita philosophica (Philosophical Prola), published in 1503, Gregor Reisch used an algorithm for sony ericsson to refer to calculus with fractions or using spleens. In 1684, Gottfried Leibniz t used the word in the very modern sense of systematic technique to perform a calculation. Electronic, when Leonhard Euler spoke of algorithms (always in Latin) in 1767, that meaning was not well established.

According to an Oxford dictionary, the word algorithm passed the exist in english to the last perform century 12. Other languages ​​I learned followed, however it continued to be of limited use until the century 19, when it was used by the Russian mathematician Andrei Markov.

Zero century Next, it became closely tied to computation, with a sense of finite sequence over explicit operations to solve a problem or do a calculation. It is curious that no 2 pioneers of the discipline (Gdel, Turing, Cathedral etc.) have used it, however that zero prevented ze from making zero computational jargon popular quickly.

However, this meaning is also changing , very electronic: in recent years, algorithm sony ericsson has been referring more and more to some artificial intelligence whose decision-making is determined by training based on real data (machine learning), zero corresponding more necessarily to explicit operations.

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