One we need to do to prepare for the operating system impacts of a climate change; listen to podcast

The South, Southeast regions electronic Midwest perform countries experience some historic cold front there, with ze temperatures approaching or getting below zero electronic to snow in cities perform Rio Grande perform Sul electronic Father christmas Catarina. At the same time, countries performing in the northern hemisphere experience electronic heat waves and floods that leave hundreds dead.

These phenomena are related: both thus consequences of these climate changes, which have been intensified by burning over fuels electronic fossils other emissions on gases perform greenhouse effect in the atmosphere.

Zero episode of this Friday (30), u Breakfast talk with climatologist electronic coordinator perform Centro National on Electronic Monitoring Alerts on Natural Disasters, Jos Marengo, about how changes in the electronic course u need to be done for sony ericsson to adapt to them.

The published audio program is zero Spotify, service about loading partner of a Leaf in the electronic initiative which specializes in music, electronic video podcast. You can listen to the episode by clicking below. To access the app, just learn to register for free.

Or an episode:

One Morning Coffee published on Monday to Friday, always zero start performing day. The episode presented by journalists Maurcio Meireles electronic Magazine Flores. Jssica Maes elaboration participated in the screenplay, who produced the episode together with Laila Mouallem electronic Victor Lacombe. Natlia Silva’s sound editing.

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