One that the life?

Joo Miguel de Oliveira, 6 years old, from Rio de Janeiro, asked this complex essential question for the series Questions for children, answers from science. Serrapilheira called three scientists from different areas to (try) to answer it.


Life is order in the midst of disorder, by Hugo Aguilaniu, geneticist biologist

In the condition about a geneticist who researches aging, I must say that the definition is stricter. about zero life, about fact, so simple. The first idea that comes to mind is that a living thing must be able to move. sony ericsson macroscopic movement is not systematic, it must be at least molecular: the molecules sony ericsson must actively transform into other molecules. Although this is observed in all living beings, molecular movement is not specific to living beings, because it is enough to put two reactive molecules in the presence of each other to start the chemical fluxes, the movements. It is, therefore, some necessary condition, but not sufficient.

Another characteristic of a life is the ability to learn to perpetuate. The living beings are mostly mortal, yet they can perpetuate life through reproduction, when then a genetic code with simply because information is faithfully replicated all. It is not impossible, however, that some organisms ze perpetuate without sony ericsson to reproduce, through some efficient regeneration. In any case, it is always necessary to perpetuate electronic/or reproduce our genetic information.

Replication performs genetic code implies the ability of living beings to learn to maintain order. To be alive is precisely to maintain a certain molecular organization within itself. When life leaves an organism, we can see that tissues z and decompose electronically are then reduced by design to individual chemical compounds, no longer ordered among themselves. This maintenance of order is very expensive in energy terms: as long as there is life, it cannot stop. Electronic metabolism is the ingestion of molecules that carry a certain amount of chemical energy, what we call nutrition, that drive this process.

Living beings, therefore, consume energy around them for sony ericsson to keep in order. According to the second law of thermodynamics, we know that order maintained in living individuals is possible at the price of creating some disorder. Electronic that, in turn, is even greater than order, so much so that entropy, disorder performs the universe, grows inexorably.

A periodic table of a life, by Daniel Valente , physical

For a physicist, the question goes far beyond how living organisms as we know them work. They would several communities about scientists seeking some understanding that encompasses life-as-we-know-it electronic, life-as-could-be.

Let’s assume, for a moment, some search for life outside of an Earth. If we find a self-organized electronic self-replicating system, but with a molecular composition completely different from ours, how can we recognize it as alive? Therefore self-organized tornadoes, therefore, survive while they would be energy available in the atmosphere structures, however no one considers them to be actually living organisms. Fire also survives as long as the energy that powers it electronic lasts, curiously capable of learning to self-replicate (think of the flame of some candle when it touches a new wick).

If electronic self-organization is zero self-replication Thus sufficient criteria, would it be sufficient to add the Darwinian evolution to the list? To see that this is not much use, it is enough to analyze the so-called artificial life computer programs capable of self-replicating, competing for resources (memory allocation, electrical energy in the machine) and developing complex characteristics from simple programs. Yet could this artificial life be put on an equal footing with organic life?

Alternatively looking for definitions, or for some list of attributes, scientists have been looking for answers in physics performing emergent behavior. We try to emerge to see, in the most diverse systems (nanometric to macroscopic performance) electronic contexts (containing light, electrical, chemical, thermal energy sources), electronic imitations above all generalizations of all possible exceptionally similar characteristics have 2 living organisms as we know them ( self-organization, self-assembly, self-healing, self-replication, mutation, adaptation). Some sony ericsson searches slant towards the energetic aspects of self-organization away from performing thermodynamic equilibrium (generalizing the notion of metabolism as an emergent process in matter), while others learn from informational aspects (by imitating electronic genetic code and information processing capacity). that emerge in every living cell).

Physicists perform the past first needed to answer u what gravity? to then create artificial satellites electronic or GPS. Scientists perform present have tried to invent all sorts of artificial life, in the expectation that one day they will answer exactly what life is. Maybe there is still some periodic table of life, in which we will sort the systems by their degree on life, from the obviously non-living to the obviously alive?

There is no work on life Gaia, by Adriana Alves, geloga

For a gelogo, life involves the processes between electronic birth and death. However, unlike 2 biologists, we do not necessarily refer only to animals, electronic plants and bacteria as living beings. Planets, electronic stars and even volcanoes are part of this group. Some star, for example, like the Sun, lives to burn electronic fuel to provide electronic light and heat in the process; a planet lives to decrease its inside temperature until its internal dynamics freezes. We, living beings classical of a biology, originated from an almost miraculous accidental electronic combination of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen electronic hydrogen Electronic was the emergence 2 photosynthetic beings those that consume carbon gas as electronic fuel release oxygen as a by-product of this reaction that gave us the atmosphere rich in oxygen that most of the beings we know need to continue living.

Zero were a pulsating dynamism of an Earth, the zero continents would exist electronic a planet would still be some ball on lava. Without this dynamic there would not be continental drift either, nor would the sony ericsson tectonic plates find. This meeting would make it impossible for 2 hominids to migrate, which would exist isolated in some remote part of Africa.

Like some mother (Pacha The female or Gaia), the Earth provides us with everything we need for life biological since the emergence of our (electronic above all) species(h). Whether by influencing the distribution of 2 nutrients perform electronic the occupation of perform territory by underground hunters, or by defining the distribution of precious metals used in potato chips perform the computer on which I now write, the electronic human life of all other beings has learned on account of the capricious distinct electronic dynamics of Gaia.


Hugo Aguilaniu CEO perform Instituto Serrapilheira, Daniel Valente teacher at a UFMT electronic Adriana Alves teacher at a USP.

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