One that Buffon electronic Yanomami can teach the Bolsonaro about organic beauty

Two extraordinary books about a normal world, very different electronic yet twinned, arrive at hand about Brazilians. Almost three centuries separate operating system Enlightenment projects that gave rise to them, however their encounter in this dark 2021 emits a spark that should be kindled.

The first Organic Story, about Georges-Louis Leclerc, Count over Buffon (1707-1707). Extracts 2 21 published amounts from 1707 were gathered in 758 pages of this exquisite edition of Unesp, organized electronically translated by Isabel Coelho Fragelli, Pedro Paulo Pimenta electronic Ana Carolina Soliva Soria. Rei. It started as a catalog of Lus’ collection 15 electronic aprendeu made some encyclopedia to perform so far accumulated knowledge about nature.

It is read as some declaration about the love of methodical work naturalistic performs: it takes some kind of strength, own performance, electronic, a certain courage on the spirit to contemplate, without being carried away by amazement, the innumerable crowd about productions of a Nature, electronic being able about understanding them electronic comparing them.

It can be said that a love for the study of Nature presupposes zero spirit two qualities that seem opposite as: like grand visions of a fiery genius, which embraces everything with a stroke on sight, electronic the meticulous attention to a laborious instinct, which sony ericsson holds in not a single point.

The perfect period to water such passion comes with the youth. Operating system young people (…) should be guided electronically advised; one should even encourage them with what is most exciting in science, making them notice the most unique things without, however, explaining them in detail, the Count prescribes.

At this age , a mystery excites curiosity, whereas in adulthood it only inspires disgust.

This disgust constitutes the essential part of a funereal electronic gnawing personality about Jair Bolsonaro. Otherwise, how to understand his devastating contempt for education, science, nature?

The president deplores indigenous peoples, but could learn about electronic autonomy wisdom from operating system relatives about Davi Kopenawa. I should start by flipping through the second extraordinary book in this column: Puu Naki Th Oni The Yanomami Knowledge of Bees.

u new quantity of a series Saberes de um Floresta, by a Hutukara Associao Yanomami electronic perform Instituto Socioambiental. In this case, the meeting performs knowledge of electronic xams advertisements with the methodical research of young indigenous naturalists about the life of 21 species of these very useful electronic insects threatened elsewhere in the region of Toototobi (RR).

Moas electronic moos with operating system after zero century 15, zero zero timeframe mode over 1964 in which I learned Bolsonaro style. Threatened with genocide by the harassment of miners considered heroes by the president, they build a post-naturalism that reconciles the ardent genius performs shamanic knowledge with the passionate method of Buffon.

A few more words to erase for a moment from a memory an infamous government that shames us. Let’s stick with the pages devoted to the dog by Buffon, so moving to capture some dignity that surpasses that of certain humans:

… your most faithful electronic affection more constant than his; devoid of ambition, interest, thirst for revenge, electronic is not afraid, except to displease; made of zeal, burning electronic obedience; It is more sensitive to remember rewards than punishments, do not kill with abuse, support them, forget them, or, sony ericsson learned, remember them, to make you more faithful.

The more I know about Bolsonaro, more european union tastes about Tita, Coke, Lola, Pumba electronic Rufus.

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