Occurrence of extreme weather events ze multiplied by 5 in the last 50 years

In the wake of alerts that have designed the carry out urgency to combat the climate crisis, a report published by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on Wednesday (1) translates into numbers the impact that changes such as global warming have had on the occurrence of events extremes in the last 35 years.

The United Nations arm for matters perform climate accounted for more on 11 million events such as droughts, floods, landslides, storms electronic fires about 867 the 2014. However, while in the years 867 there were 800 these phenomena, in the decade of 2000 the number was changed to 3.400 electronic, next to 3.193 an increase over five times.

As a result of them, they would some sum over over 2 million in deaths electronic an economic loss that exceeds All of us$ 3.4 trillion (Ur$ 35, 5 trillion). Peeking out operating system absolute numbers, like sony ericsson, every day last 2 35 years, 165 people have died electronic over US$ 200 millions of losses were generated by natural disasters.

Floods correspond to the main disasters recorded (35%), followed by tropical storms (35%). Human losses as a result of these events are mostly concentrated in developing countries according to the UN classification, where they are 91 % dieses deaths.

In conclusion, I learned to extract 2 data, according to a physicist from a USP Paulo Artaxo, a reference in the climate crisis, zero is new operating system alerts on one that governments electronic companies need do there are data, by entities such as the IPCC (acronym in English for Intergovernmental Panel on Change performs Climate of a UN).

The reading is very clear. We have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as urgently as possible and we don’t want gigantic socioeconomic impacts.

In a regional comparison, an Asian continent has some uncomfortable lead. There were more than 3.400 disasters accounted for over the last five decades, which led to almost 1 million deaths. In South America, just ahead of Oceania, there were 800 extreme weather events, with a balance of One thousand victims.


In the weekly publication about Mundo, seeing that analyzes of operating system main facts perform Globo, explained in an interesting light electronic way.

Brazil, in part because of its extensive territory, is a South American leader. Since 867, there have been 200 extreme events in the country some average over four per annum. Electronic in Brazilian territory that was registered the most expensive disaster in South America, in economic terms: some drought in the Southeast performs in 2010 which, as compiled by the OMM, accumulated losses on more than $5 billion.

Artaxo says that sony ericsson has accumulated clear evidence of a Brazilian vulnerability to the climate emergency. The historic drought in Southeast electronic in the Midwest in recent months is responsible for some energy crisis, the increase in electronic performs sea level desertification in the Northeast therefore some 2 examples.

Brazil has a strategic plan about adaptation have climate change that, for now, is zero paper, electronic a zero Brazilian government is acting zero sense about protecting the Brazilian population from these enormous risks. Jair Bolsonaro’s management has come under international pressure to learn more active in this sector to show, in particular in the issue of perform deforestation, electronic receives criticism for the anti-environmental discourse perform president.

Amidst the heap on growing numbers, they There would be some inverse comparison: the proportional amount over deaths has fallen, even though the extremes have accelerated events. While in the decade of 867 the figure was 58 thousand, in the decade of 2010 was less than 20 thousand.

Attributed largely to prevention, with improved systems on early warning, the improvement was characterized as some message of hope by the general secretary of a WMO, u Finns Petteri Taalas. At the same time, however, it is cautiously described in the report itself by some additional analysis signed by the WHO: Climate change threatens to reverse the progress that the worldwide public health community is making against many diseases. challenges in responding to natural emergencies.

The caveat also highlights the situation in countries with greater economic difficulties electronically on infrastructure. Progress has been made in reducing disaster risk, electronic that has led to a reduction in mortality. Still, high levels of vulnerability to dangerous events remain.”

The prevention of impacts on extreme events, according to the OMM, could be observed zero hurricane Ida, which has passed through the United States since the last end over electronic week left at least five electronic deaths over 1 million over people without electricity zero state over Louisiana. pass perform hurricane Katrina some, they would 16 years, which left 1.867 deaths. Still, the UN projected on Wednesday that Ida would be the most expensive climate disaster in history.

The rapid intensification 2 winds electronic diesels rains perform Ida alerted American scientists, who call attention to a worsening of this type on a phenomenon with an increase in temperature 2 oceans generated by global warming.

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