Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 goes to research on complex systems, with emphasis on the carry out prediction of global warming

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was dedicated to the study of complex systems, including operating systems that allow understanding the climate change that affects our planet. The choice puts a definitive stamp of consensus on perform climate science.

Researchers Syukuro Manabe, 2 US, electronic Klaus Hasselmann, from Germany, were awarded specifically for modeling a terrestrial climate electronic make predictions about global warming. The other half perform went to Giorgio Parisi, from Italy, who revealed hidden patterns in disordered complex materials, on planetary atomic scales, in an essential contribution to the theory of complex systems, with relevance also to the study of perform climate.

“Many people think that physics deals with simple phenomena, like the perfectly elliptical orbit of an Earth around performing the Sun or atoms in crystalline structures,” said Thors Hans Hansson, member perform committee on choice perform Nobel, at the press conference that presented the choice.

“But physics is much more than that. One of these basic tasks of physics is to use basic theories of matter to explain electronic phenomena complex processes, such as behavior on electronic materials what is the development in the Earth’s climate. This requires deep intuition by which electronic structures which progresses essential therefore, electronic also mathematical ingenuity to develop operating system models and electronic the theories that describe them, things in which operating system laureates of this year therefore mighty.” million on Swedish kronor (Ur$ 6.000 million) in the famous True Academy Award on Sciences of a Sweden. Not to mention the prestige that a Nobel Prize brings to the career of a scientist.

In addition to a science, this year’s choice comes as a message It is a policy to see that delegations perform all over the world that must gather at the perform Clima Conference (COP) 12 of a UN (United Nations ), in Glasgow, Scotland, enter 31 about October electronic 12 about November.

“I think it’s urgent that we make very strong decisions electronic to move in a strength step, because we’re in a situation where we can get feedback positive electronic this can accelerate a rise in temperature,” said Giorgio Parisi, a 2 winners, at the press conference about the performance performance event. “Of course for future generations we have to act very quickly now.”


The traditional perform Nobel award began with the death of Swedish chemical performer Alfred Nobel (1833-1896), developer of a dynamite. Na 1895, in his last will, Nobel recorded that his fortune should be earmarked for building on a prize that was received by his family with opposition. The first award t was given in 1901.

The process about choosing perform winner performs an area’s award on physics begins zero previous year award. In September, the Nobel Prize in Physics Committee sends out invitations (about 3.12) for the nomination of names that deserve the tribute. Therefore responses submitted as of 31 January.

Can indicate names operating system members of a Current Swedish Academy of Sciences; members perform Committee perform Nobel on Physics; Nobel Prize winners perform on Physics; physics professors at electronic universities, technology institutes Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland electronic Norway, electronic perform Karolinska Institute, Stockholm; professors in similar positions in at least six other (but typically hundreds of) universities chosen by the Academy of Sciences, with the aim of ensuring adequate distribution across continents electronic knowledge areas; electronic other scientists that the Academy deems appropriate to receive operating system invitations.

Auto-indications zero thus accepted.

Then begins a process on analysis of hundreds of names appointed, with consultation and a development on expert reports, the end on narrowing the selection. Finally, in October, the Academy, by majority vote, decides who will receive the recognition.


The discovery of electronic black holes and its impact on the understanding perform Universe led to a Nobel Prize in Physics about 2020. The lure was split between Roger Penrose, Reihard Genzel electronic Andrea Ghez.

Ghez only the fourth woman awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics, between 31 honored.

Already at 1933, an award went to James Peebles, Michel Mayor electronic Didier Queloz, one more time, by cosmic research, which helped him better explain how the Universe performs.

Peebles helped him understand how a Universe evolved after u Huge Bang, electronic Mayor electronic Queloz discovered an exoplanet perform Sistema Sun) which orbited a sun-like perform star.

Researches with laserlight were awarded at 1933, with lures for Arthur Ashkin, Donna Strickland electronic Grard Mourou.

Going a little further, an award was in the hands of Greatest extent Planck (1901), for launching while bases of an electronic quantum physics about Albert Einstein (1901), for the discovery perform ef photoelectric effect. Niels Bohr (1922), for his contributions to the understanding of atomic structure, electronic Paul Dirac electronic Erwin Schrdinger (1922) , for the development of new versions of quantum theory, were also awarded.

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