New Brazilian pterosaur draws attention to bizarre crest

Scientists have identified a new pterosaur that inhabited, over 100 millions of years ago, a Brazilian Northeast region. He lived more precisely in the region of chapada perform Araripe, known for the great diversity of electronic quality of fossils, among operating system states of Pernambuco, Piau electronic Cear, with dozens of discovered species.

At height , u newly described animal zero should reach a community, but could reach three meters over wingspan, zero had electronic teeth as a striking feature, exhibited a huge crest on its head, one that would probably be associated with lovemaking behavior electronics visual communication in species.

This exuberant crest common to other members perform group 2 tapejardeos, whose representatives inhabited very distant regions perform ancestral world, whether zero austral supercontinent over Gondwana, which featured America perform South, Africa , Antrtida electronic Oceania, or in Laursia, which met Asia, America performs North electronic Europe.

It is speculated that, with a beak, a sony ericsson animal there ment on fruits electronic small animals over water bodies, similar to modern garlands.

According to operating system researchers, a new tapejardeo helps to identify the origin of the group. With operating system new finds electronic the updates in the family tree of species, which has the official name of cladogram, defend operating system scientists, most likely that they originated in Gondwana, more precisely in America perform South, electronic t later learned spread to to Laursia.

The scientific article with operating system found came out this week in the journal Acta Paleontologica Polonica, electronic, and featured the participation of researchers from a Unipampa (University Government perform Pampa, zero Rio Grande perform South), from a UFRGS (Federal Government University perform Rio Grande perform Sul) electronic perform National Museum, zero Rio. Germany, Spain electronic Hungary, besides, of course, perform Brazil. Recently, another Brazilian perform group was described, the Tupandactylus navigans.

The name chosen by scientists to baptize a new Brazilian Cretceo perform pterosaur was

Kariridraco dianae. The first part makes reference to the Kariri indigenous ethnicity, originating from the region, electronic Latin word draco, which means dragon. The second part is a tribute to Diana Prince, Wonder Woman 2 comics.

Another curiosity about operating system tapejardeos, about their exuberance or bizarre beyond, that they can also help to understand the evolution electronic the dissemination about angiosperms, like evolutionarily more recent plants, which present flowers electronic electronic fruits that encompass a variety that will perform guava beans.

When they feed 2 electronic fruits they spread Seeing that seeds through these feces, these pterosaurs may have contributed to the predominance over angiosperms we observe today, having changed the terrestrial world forever.

Pterosaurs, it’s worth noting, zero thus dinosaurs, but they have a common evolutionary ancestor. The group 2 prehistoric winged bugs was the first to conquer operating system cus, 80 millions of years before these birds, electronic could have been the size of small planes.

It is also convenient to remember that while modern birds thus descended direct 2 dinosaurs (dinosaurs, therefore), electronic no 2 pterosaurs, which zero left representatives in the terrestrial fauna about today, being probably extinct about about millions over years ago.

Unfortunately a fossil studied by scientists zero came on an official excavation.

When the people talk on fossils from a formation Romualdo, in the chapada perform Araripe, it is difficult to work with fossils that have been found by paleontologists, as it is similar to research followed there by these very recent professionals. Historically speaking, it is much more common for local workers who, for their livelihood, have collected electronics and sold these fossils, they were the ones who brought these specimens to the surface, says Felipe Lima Pinheiro, a 2 authors perform electronic study researcher at a new Unipampa.

The work was led by Gabriela Cerqueira, currently a doctoral candidate in paleontology at the UFSM (Government University of Father christmas Maria). It was she who, when removing the fossil perform rock (preparation process), had a negative surprise: the clandestine collection left a scar on the materials.

We saw that it was a species about monster perform Frankenstein, however about a fossil glued zero another formed, about pterosaur, including, with durepoxy. It is a very common practice in these irregularly removed fossils, in an attempt to make them more attractive to potential buyers, says Pinheiro. The tampering, reports the researcher, made the study perform pterosaur walk much slower than the one on new outfit.

Electronic extraction illegal sale of fossils is unfortunately common. Recently, Brazilian scientists entered a dispute with the Organic History Museum of Karlsruhe, Germany, for an unusually well-preserved dinosaur fossil, the Ubirajara jubatus, illegally removed perform Brazil in 1995.

The materials with part perform skull electronic some vertebrae perform

Kariridraco dianae ), which could have had a similar fate, was donated to the Museum on Paleontology about Santana perform Cariri, zero Cear, where sony ericsson is also deposited, right next to the regional perform where it was found. Electronic where the materials must remain, says Pinheiro.

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