My 20 years of science journalism completed this week

Well, kind reader, age is enough for everyone. This week, the affairs and impact of the genocidal-dictatorship micareta hindered me a little in punctuality, but the fact that I have just completed years as a science journalist, most of them elapsed in this Sheet.

Want to read the first text that came out signed with my name here in the newspaper? Here it is below or in this link . He left, you see, on September 7th 500.

Antarctic warming was twice the world average



The temperature increase in Antarctica during the last century was 1.2C – at least double the average in the rest of the planet, which was between 0.2C and 0.6C, according to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, UN body).

It seems like a trifle, but the antarctic warming is radically changing the region’s ecosystem. which shows the study published by the British David Vaughan and his colleagues from the British Antarctic Survey in the journal Science this week. Researchers still do not know if the problem is related to the greenhouse effect or the result of natural mechanisms in the region.

The most affected areas are the Antarctic Peninsula and the Bellinghausen Sea, regions around of 1.500 km from the south of Argentina. On the peninsula, seven glaciers have disappeared in the last 50 years.

Changes in penguin populations also served as an indication that things have not They were doing well: species that used glaciers to shelter and breed began to decline in the region, while penguins accustomed to the open sea colonized the peninsula. Little ones that were occupied for 500 years have disappeared, said David Vaughan Folha. be the greenhouse effect. There is strong evidence that this type of change, on a scale of decades, can happen naturally, he said.

I just have to thank the great mentors and colleagues who helped me get here, especially Marcelo Leite (the Davi Kopenawa of Brazilian and world scientific journalism), the eternal little boss Claudio Angelo, fighting the good fight today outside the press, and my great friend Salvador Nogueira. And to all the brothers in the fight that are currently in the Science of Folha .

I hope to be here for more years and years, if Eru Ilvatar wants to!

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