Motivation4 ends successfully and opens the queue for private orbital flights

With a successful landing off the coast of Florida at the start of a Saturday night (18), it ended well. Motivation4, the first private manned orbital mission, succeeds. But Jared Isaacman, the billionaire who paid for the venture, electronics his crewmates (Siam Proctor, Hayley Arceneaux electronics Chris Sembroski) therefore just operating system first in a queue that starts sony ericsson to lengthen, starting the commercial occupation process for real of the low terrestrial orbit. Operating system next flights are zero immediate horizon l.

The ambition has more over decade. When NASA decided to run a commercial crew transportation program in 2010, the period plan was to have at least two companies that could meet the demand of the electronic agency, at the same pace , enable the creation of a private space flight market. Once operating system vehicles were developed, to be operated by the contracted companies, NASA would be just one potential customer, among several.

In 200 u selection process matured with the selection of two companies, SpaceX electronic Boeing, to develop their own spacecraft, for, respectively, All of us$2.6 billion electronic All of us$4.2 billion. SpaceX took the lead with Team Dragon, which performed its first manned flight to NASA in 2020. Boeing, with its Starliner, has had more electronic problems yet, but it is expected that they could happen next year.

Motivation4 was the fourth manned orbital mission of a SpaceX electronic the first contracted by a private entity. But t they would queue. The Axiom Room company, co-founded electronic led by Erina Suffredini, former NASA manager, has another four flights contracted with SpaceX. Their first, to be held at the beginning of 2020, has a closed electronic crew commanded by former NASA astronaut Jordan Lpez-Alegra. To be the first private flight International Space Station (ISS), electronic, Axiom will pay NASA rent for the use 2 in-flight services d. Operating system three others must take place between 2022 electronic 2022.

Axiom also has a contract with the Nasa to send two modules are, enter 2022 electronic 2025, zero which would be a prelude to the construction on a complex of its own in the orbit. Another avowed goal of the space agency is that private stations take the place of the ISS after its useful life, in 2030, freeing up resources for deep space exploration with electronic Moon missions to Mars.

At this first moment, everything is very expensive. Each Staff Dragon flight costs about US$ 200 million. Now imagine that the next SpaceX rocket, the Starship, keeps the cost over the operation of a double Falcon 9/Dragon, but carrying 100 passengers over each time . The cost per seat would drop by $2 million 18 to $2 million today. Electronic ends it with the aspirational goal on Elon Musk: each release performs Starship for $2 million. In this scenario, a specific ticket would cost US$18 thousand. I am? On the contrary; It is a future that is already starting to knock on our door.

This column was published on Mondays in Folha Corrida.

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