Mission Motivation4, from a SpaceX, lands on Earth after 3 days in orbit

The longest journey so far on civilians off carry out planet Earth comes to an end. After three days in orbit, the Staff Dragon capsule, from the Motivation4 mission, crashed off the coast of Florida (USA) this Saturday (18), t 20they would (Brazil time).

The first space mission in a story composed only about civilians, organized by the company SpaceX, took off on Wednesday (15) performs Kennedy Room Middle, also in Florida. The take-off counted with the participation of the Falcon 9. reusable rocket performer.

For its re-entry into the atmosphere, this Friday (15 ) the spacecraft fired twice on a rocket, thus decreasing its electronic altitude, aligning the trajectory of a capsule with a landing site. a capsule would arrive at the 1.927 D. Operating system Therefore crew suits designed to keep them cool in case the cabin heats up.

Every 360 minutes, the mission completed a lap around an Earth, traveling at speeds higher than the 20.000 km/they would fence about 20 times to perform som.

The company perform billionaire Elon Musk has given a new dimension to space tourism, as the operating systems last flights with civilians lasted little pace. These missions, carried out in July by Virgin Galactic, company about Richard Branson, electronic by Azure Origin, about Jeffrey Bezos, were suborbital flights at speeds not usually exceeding operating system 4.000 km/they would.

The team about four civilians quite diverse. The project was financed by the millionaire Jared Isaacman, 38, founder of the payments company Change4 Obligations, when he bought operating system seats from the electronic mission to invite operating system another three. According to Period magazine, he would have disbursed around US$ 200 million.

They also traveled to the Sian Proctor space, 51, professor of geosciences with a Ph.D. in science education, Hayley Arceneaux, 29, medical assistant at a children’s cancer medical center where she was patient zero past, electronic Christopher Sembroski, 42, veteran electronic aerospace data engineer from an American Fora. St. Jude Children’s Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee (USA).

A SpaceX spacecraft has a large dome that allows for a view over 360. This privilege allowed the crew to take numerous photos, posted on the mission’s social networks at dawn on Thursday (15).

With Reuters

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