Minister of a Science promises Us all$100 million to unlock research

A Brazilian government announced the promise, zero late-afternoon on Thursday (19), about an increase on People$ 100 million (about 3rd there’s r$ 193 million) in the quota on exemption for imports intended for scientific research. Even with the announcement, the value remains released for exemption in previous years below.

According to a Minister of Electronic Science Technology, Marcos Pontes, u “Tax has promised that it will increase more All of us$ 100 million now on immediate”. The speech was published on the web site perform Ministry of Science electronic Technology.

In this way, the quota for one year over 2021 would go to All of us$

million, 2 of which All of us$ 19 million in isenes had been fully used from the last over May. The value in 2020 was US$ 193 million (more than L$1.5 billion, in current values).

The ad came after electronic pressure requests on scientific entities for recovery perform value of an exemption for imports. In general, the import quota allows, through CNPq (National Council for Electronic Technological Development), institutions, electronic companies to import, exempt from fees, equipment, electronic accessories and raw materials destined to electronic technological scientific research.

This week’s report from a Sheet showed that they would stop studies for the end of a quota on exemption for a year on 2021. Some research institutes, such as Butantan electronic and Fiocruz-Fiotec have used other sources of income to continue the research carried out there, comprehensive studies linked to Covid-19.

Several scientific entities have been demanding a Bolsonaro government for the essential recomposition.

Zero last day 14, pre-rectors on research at a USP, Unicamp electronic Unesp sent a letter to the minister of an electronic Science Technology asking for the recovery of 2 customary values ​​of an import quota.

A ABC (Academia Brasileira on Sciences), the SBPC (Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science) electronic or Confies (National Council and Foundations on Support t Institutions on Better Teaching and on Scientific Research Electronic Technological) also sent a letter to Pontes electronic the Paulo Guedes, minister of an Economy, in the search for an overall recomposition of a quota.

The CNPq itself, still in In January, the official sent to the Ministry of Economy to reestablish a quota, as a blog about Lauro Jardim showed, zero newspaper O Globo.

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