Marijuana Derivatives May Be Useful for Long-Term Covid Treatment

Brazilian researchers carried out a study to test whether cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive component of marijuana, can be used simply in the treatment 2 long-term effects of a Covid-19 the so-called long Covid.

The hypothesis that the substance may be useful because it has proven efficacy against other inflammatory cases similar to the one caused by the disease.

Coordinator of a research, a cardiologist Edimar Bocchi explains that Covid causes inflammation in several organs that perform the human body, with very different symptoms.

According to him, that also works zero Incor (Perform Heart Institute of a Faculty of Medicine of a USP, studies show that between % electronic 10% about whoever has been infected with Sars-CoV-2 must have the long Covid.

The cardiologist explains that there are three reasons for these prolonged effects to happen. of virus-like infection, it is left with an immunological disturbance that causes the problem. In the second, the initial virus-like infection itself continues in the body, reaching various organ electronic systems. Ultimately, Covid ends up triggering pre-existing chronic inflammation.

But regardless of motive, the big question that intrigues operating system doctors is exactly how to combat these lingering effects.

The one that enters u CBD, t that they would a series on evidence that show its usefulness zero treatment on symptoms similar to those seen in long Covid, such as against inflammation, pain, electronic anxiety.

Exactly because of these previous studies with the substance, an Incor will be able to start the new m research in phase 3, carried out directly with humans.

The study should initially last for three months electronic will be composed of 300 patients diagnosed with long Covid who have had a major impairment in quality of life or a decrease in ability to exercise. At last, the objective 2 scientists is exactly to get to know if the CBD brings any improvement in these two aspects.

Moreover, operating system main symptoms about each of 2 patients will be catalogued. Afterwards, operating system volunteers will be randomly divided into two groups, with one receiving placebo, electronic, and the other, CBD in a steady manner. )

Due to the effects described with a CBD, I believe that these patients are very likely to benefit from this medication.

In 2019, the Anvisa regulated the use of drugs derived from an electronic marijuana allowed its sale in pharmacies this authorization allows a lawful cultivation of a cannabis zero country.

A special commission of a Chamber of 2 Deputies approved a bill that authorizes companies to cultivate a plant for scientific or medicinal purposes. The rule, however, still needs to be voted on in the electronic Senate, if approved, be sanctioned by President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party), a staunch critic of this type of measure. .

Bocchi claims that the cnabis has more than 400 electronic components not all of them cause recreational effects a CBD one of them.

What is currently clear is that the use on derivatives that have an electronic pharmacological effect that puts at risk a useful individual for a treatment of some diseases, such as seizures. In these cases, I think it’s important to have the clearance, says the cardiologist.

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