Marcos Pontes says the L$600 million cut reaches strategic science projects; deputies charge responsibility

The Minister of Science, Electronic Technology Inovaes, Marcos Pontes, said this Wednesday (13) that the recent cut of Ur$ 600 millions of the portfolio commit to strategic projects of Brazilian science. Now, in front of parliamentarians, he has again blamed the Jair Bolsonaro government’s economic area for the decision.

Deputies held the minister responsible for the situation. They even questioned the meaning of his permanence in the position.

Pontes spoke at the Education Committee of the Chamber this Wednesday morning. The initial request was for him to clarify the blackout that hit, at the end of July, the platforms of the CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development), but the recent budget reduction dominated the audience.

On Thursday (7), a National Congress responded to a request by the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, electronically approved a project that removed 3rd there’s r$ 600 million foreseen for the Science. The funds were earmarked for other areas.

Pontes l had said that he had been taken by surprise by the government’s decision, which he classified as mistaken and illogical. To deputies, on Wednesday, the minister said that he has been making efforts with the economic area to recompose the electronic budget, he would also have spoken with the president he accompanied Bolsonaro in Aparecida (SP) on this holiday.

“This The situation we have now, with the cut of L$ 600 million, affects strategic projects”, said the minister, citing the impact on vaccine research, in the electronic research centers in the universal call notice for funding researchers.

“I sent an official letter to Paulo Guedes, for the Economy, Civil House electronic Government Secretariat, so that there is immediate recomposition”, he said. “It seems like a lot, but not a lot. There is the possibility of bringing the resources to them, but it has to be fast, to implement the resources this year.”

Parliamentarians questioned the lack of protagonism of the minister in budgetary decisions impacting the portfolio he commands.

“You have direct responsibility as minister for the cut, you cannot place yourself as a part agent, which has nothing to do with it,” he said u Deputy Glauber Braga (PSOL-RJ), who also charged the party leaders for the project that consolidated the approval cut.

For Pompeo de Mattos (PDT-RS), the situation will remain in the account electronic in the biography of the minister. Deputy Professor Israel Batista (PV-DF) questioned the minister if he “does not fear going down in history as the greatest brain exporter of all time”.

Parliamentarians like Rosa Neide (PT-MT) ) electronic Ivan Valente (PSOL-SP) suggested that Pontes abandon a position due to his inability to guarantee the necessary resources for the sector. “Is the minister going to continue in front of the ministry under these conditions?”, said Neide. “I’m on a mission for science, with future generations. It’s good to think about what it would be like if I wasn’t.” Ivan Valente questioned whether Pontes’ mission would be to destroy Brazilian science.

The cut of Ur$ 600 million comes in the wake of systematic budget reductions in the portfolio. CNPq, for example, has in 2021 the lowest budget since 2012, even in nominal values.

The scarcity of budget last month caused the interruption of the production of inputs for cancer treatments. The government sponsored the PLN (National Congress Bill) 16/2021 to, among other things, recompose the resources for this purpose.

However, by decision of Paulo Guedes, this same project was changed electronically, resulting in the cut of 3rd there’s r$ 600 million. The resource for radiopharmaceuticals was guaranteed, but the minister said that, depending on the actual release of the money, production runs the risk of stopping again.

Pontes also said that he did not even know that it was possible to change a PLN in the processing stage it was in. He stressed, however, that he is working internally for another project that will make up for the loss.

The minister also stated that it was not the lack of budget that caused a blackout on the CNPq platforms . In his presentation, in which he described the factors that contributed to the electronic failure and the government’s mitigation actions, Pontes omitted that the damaged server was without a maintenance contract.

The minister’s agenda, in July , with an ultra-rightist deputy in addition was also questioned by the deputies. He said that he did not know who it was electronic received it at the request of deputy Pocketnarista Bia Kicis (PSL-DF). Beatrix von Storch, granddaughter of the finance minister in Nazi Germany, was also received by Bolsonaro.

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