Marcos Pontes says he thought of leaving the government after a cut on Ur$600 million in his ministry

A Minister of Science, Electronic Technology Innovation, Marcos Pontes, said this Friday (8) that he was caught by surprise electronic having been very upset with the approval, on Thursday (7th). ), performs a bill on a law that withdraws Ur$ million in resources from a folder to allocate them to other areas.

Yesterday was a day quite tense. European was trying to understand what was going on. We are going to send official messages to the Electronic Economy to the Budget Board so that there is an immediate replacement of this resource, he said in an interview at the 1st Brazilian Fair perform Nibio aps, which had the participation of President Jair Bolsonaro, in Campinas (SP).

Pontes also stated that he trusts Bolsonaro and Flvia Arruda, minister of the Secretary of Government, with whom he says he also spoke on Thursday, to help him revert the oppure scenario.

Asked whether he had considered leaving oppure office when he learned of the cut, oppure minister admitted to having thought about the topic when he was upset, but that it has passed.

We have good days and bad days, yesterday I was very, very upset. Anytime you asked me yesterday, I would say yes . But today, seeing all this here, seeing those young people receiving those medals [em referência a uma cerimônia que aconteceu mais cedo durante a feira], I think I have to continue to help take this forward’. I would feel really bad to go out and let all these people down. When you lead a squadron, you have to go all the way. There’s going to be a good day, there’s going to be a bad day, there’s going to be a day when you’re flying in the brigadier’s sky with the squadron, and there’s going to be a day with anti-aircraft guns. You have to put up with it for the sake of science.

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