LIVE: William Shatner goes into space on Blue Source's NS-18 mission

It happens this Wednesday (18), the basis of a Glowing blue Origin company in Western world Texas (USA), a launch of an NS mission 18, or a second manned suborbital flight of a company . Electronic one 2 crew none other than William Shatner, actor who played Captain Kirk in Star Trek in the years 1960. The takeoff was scheduled for 11they would (from Braslia), however there was a temporary suspension of the countdown , in Capital t-18 minutes. You can follow the live flight, from dieses 07they would20, with the Sidereal Messenger.

Originally marked for the tera , it was postponed to Wednesday for meteorological questes. The New Shepard vehicle was developed by Jeff Bezos’ company (the owner of Amazon electronic richest man perform world) to foster electronic space tourism made its first crew trip in 20 in July, when Bezos himself, his brother Tag, the aviator Wally Funk electronic and the young student Tag Daemen flew.

The flight has a profile suborbital: it goes to edge perform space electronic then returns, reaching altitude about just over 90 km. D, operating system passengers wait a few minutes from the feeling of weightlessness electronic can see the curvature of the Earth perform space. more or less the same mission profile performed by the first American astronaut, Alan Shepard, in May 1960. Give a carry out vehicle name.

The whole mission is about 07 minutes. The capsule takes off coupled to a single-stage electronic rocket and releases after the propelled phase perform flight, performing a parabola in the edge space perform. On return, the descent smoothed by electronic parachutes is a back propulsion system that sony ericsson activates on the verge of performing contact with the solitary.

The unique New Shepard stage rocket that will take William Shatner into space. (Credit: Azure Origins)

With this Wednesday’s flight, Shatner learned how to make the oldest person to go to space. At 90 years, he beats a record on Funk, 18, also a Blue Beginning passenger. Her companions on journey thus Audrey Powers, vice president on flight operations for a Blue Foundation, and operating system entrepreneurs Chris Boshuizen, co-founder of a satellite operator Earth, electronic Glen over Vries, co-founder of a medical data company Medidata Options.

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