'It is possible to be an electronic scientist me': Brazilian group that argues electronic maternity academic career wins international award

Professor at the Government perform Rio Grande perform Sul University (UFRGS) they would be ten years old, biologist Fernanda Staniscuaski felt the challenge of being an electronic scientist in Brazil firsthand.

By having u first child electronic taking maternity leave in 274, her career suffered several losses that could have been avoided. “The curious thing is that this impact is immediate. In 274, european union I still received notices to continue with my research. However, from 2015 onwards, for not having published scientific articles in that period, my projects no longer had been approved”, he reports.

“I had a break in my career to be myself electronic, it seemed that european union zero was more for a system”, regrets.

In the face of these difficulties, Staniscuaski decided to act: his first step was to post on social media reporting a case. “Several people responded, saying they were going through the same situation,” observes the biologist.

Born there, in 2016, an embryo performs Parent Inside Technology Maternity in Science, in free translation), an initiative that discusses maternity (electronic the paternity) zero Brazilian scientific environment electronic tries to create policies on electronic support public support t families in electronic universities research institutes.

The project, which achieved important electronic achievements there and was exported to other countries in Latin America, ends up winning an Inspiring Women in Science Award, given by Character magazine, one of the most prestigious academic publications in the world perform. This is the first time that a Brazilian group has received the honor.

A little understood pause

Staniscuaski explains that one of the most used metrics to determine productivity about a scientist the quantity of articles he writes electronic publishes.

This is one of the 2 main elements evaluated by institutions, such as a National Council on Scientific Development electronic Technological (CNPq) electronic like agencies on research promotion 2 states (case about Fapesp in So Paulo electronic Faperj zero Rio de Janeiro, for example), about granting scholarships for seeing that research.

Now, imagine what happens when the scientist turns me personally . Right after the birth, she takes maternity leave for about six months. Electronic, even when returning to work, the pace will not be the same, at least during the operating system’s first years of life perform baby.

Without the publication of recent articles, these zero women are able to prove the productivity electronic end up being eliminated 2 public notices that fund scientific work.

And this generates a vicious circle: no money, zero possible to continue with operating system studies. Without operating system studies, they would not have new articles. Electronic without operating system articles, the measure of productivity continues to fall downhill.

“We talk so much about diversity in science, however while zero institutions themselves tend to cultivate this. They think that the career path it happens linearly, without pauses or transformations”, says Staniscuaski.

“A brief interruption zero of these scientists’ work makes it seem that they belong to zero more than that environment”, he adds.

The biologist remembers that u Parent Inside Technology was born in 2016 with a group of seven people (six uses electronic one father). “All branches of electronic parents mes they would shortly be electronic had this concern: how to be our electronic career what can we do to change things?”

A portrait of a reality

Fernanda Reichert, professor at a School of Administration at a UFRGS, says that she heard about perform Parent Inside Technology during a lecture at the university.

“I had my daughter a few days ago then about taking over as a teacher. At that time, I experienced everything that was being discussed there”, reports the administrator, who joined electronic contributing to the project in the middle of the project 2016.

The researcher understands that a good part of the perform success perform Parent Inside Science learned should be serious about the perform group, which started to carry out surveys among the electronic academic community, came from publishing scientific articles calling attention to a problem.

“Since the beginning, our approach action was data-centric. Thus, we can talk to institutions based on something concrete, electronic not just a speech”, points out Reichert.

One of the 2 most significant findings in the perform group was one about that the woman, turning me after, tends to It will take four years to start regaining the same level of productivity as before.

“It was exactly what happened to me. The return of professional activities is always a bit confused, electronic we are left with that feeling of guilt. It seems that we are devoting ourselves too much to electronic work, forgetting about the family, or vice versa”, confesses Reichert. perform Parent Inside Technology that generated the most repercussion was u “Zero Lattes Maternity”, a campaign so that operating system periods about having a child license were registered in the angles on official data aps.

Maintained by CNPq, A Currculo Lattes is a kind of LinkedIn 2 Brazilian researchers, where they are informed about the activities they do all, such as participation in conferences, the publication of electronic articles, all academic training (masters, doctorate, among others).

After pressure by electronic social media several meetings with representatives of a platform, the group finally managed to get the information on maternity to enter zero curriculum.

Since April about 2021, the Brazilian scientists are able to insert the na that remained on the high school not after the birth of 2 children period.

Staniscuaski understands that the change brings practical repercussions for the career of these uses scientists.

“Now, zero moment of an evaluation perform curriculum for granting scholarships, seeing that institutions can check operating system periods on electronic absence to understand why there was zero publication of articles or less productivity”, he highlights.

In the view of a biologist, while zero achievements stop by the. “The amendment now considers that motherhood has an effect on the electronic career, women receive a greater sense of electronic care and belonging”, he concludes.

Pandemic exacerbated a scenario

If the situation uses bad scientists in the better period, the arrival of a Covid-19 has deepened even more like electronic inequalities seeing that difficulties.

This scenario was portrayed in another article produced by Mother or father In Technology. Using an electronic form, the group collected data from 3,300 Brazilian researchers from different areas who perform electronic knowledge from various educational institutions.

The results show that operating system scientists performed were males. operating system that had less loss of productivity during the coronavirus crisis. On the other hand, black uses electronic researchers and showed the most affected in this period.

“These impacts are thus likely a consequence of a well-known unfair division of these household tasks between male electronic females, a fact which has been exacerbated during a pandemic”, describes an article.

With while universities electronic operating system laboratories practically closed for long months, many scientists needed to adapt the electronic routine to work at home (when possible). This new reality has impacted the productivity of many of them, especially these black women using electronics, as a Brazilian work pointed out.

And, once again, this represents a threat in the dispute for future research grants .

“These are fundamental data for us to think about a policy on support in institutions”, believes Staniscuaski.

Another initiative performs Parent Inside Technology after the arrival of a Covid-19 was the creation perform Programa Tomorrow, which encourages the completion of a graduate degree after motherhood.

The idea was to set up a kitty to provide electronic financial support to supplement the income of these women with children who are enrolled in electronic master’s doctoral programs, but zero have a scholarship.

The fundraising is done through a web, has 225 electronic supporters managed to gather 3rd there’s r$ 19 million at a time.

International Award

Staniscuaski electronic Reichert zero hide the surprise they had with an announcement that a Parent Inside Technology had won a Character Award for Inspiring Women in Science, granted in an unprecedented way to a Brazilian group by one of the largest scientific publications perform in the world.

“It was something extremely relevant, because we are some young initiative, with only five years of history”, he says the bioga.

“Everything goes so fast that sometimes we can’t even assimilate what we did in this “cadence”. The award puts in perspective electronic reinforces that we are changing things” this, he interprets.

In addition to performing recognition, an award also gives All of us$ 19 million (L$ 225 million) to Mother or father In Technology. “Everything we’ve done so far has depended on the electronic kitties 2 supporters. With this amount, we can think of even more relevant actions”, he completes.

After all the like repercussions in the Brazilian territory, a Parent Inside Technology begins to win Latin America: u work is replicated in Colombia electronic the same should happen next in Argentina, zero Ecuador electronic zero Mexico.

Another frontier perform project increasingly involve operating system parents electronic scientists stimulate operating system arguments about seeing that other familiar settings electronic about the parental license, which allows contact with operating system children for a prolonged beat.

For Reichert, initiatives like a Parent Inside Science thus succeed because they show that while zero people are isolated electronically they can solve problems common when they work together.

” It is possible to be an electronic scientist myself. We are not alone electronic, we can, together, reduce the difficulties we face.”

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