Israel discovers gigantic wine factory over 1,500 years old; see images

Israeli authorities presented this Monday (11) the remains of a Byzantine-era wine production complex located in the southern part of the country, near the Gaza Strip, which would be the largest of its time, with an annual production of 2 million liters.

Inside on excavations carried out in Yavne, a city that performs south on Israel that is in full expansion, archaeologists have unearthed, in the last two years, a vast regional on wine production over 1.


D, found large presses, thousands on bottle fragments and storage locations perform wine.

Nothing indicates that the nearby would be a buclic vineyard, but rather a real factory.

The team on archeologists led by the Israeli Authority on Antiquities discovered five presses over fence over 225 michael2 to knead grapes, two large octagonal barrels to accumulate electronic must, two ovens over pottery to heat the clay of elongated diesses, called “vessels on Gaza”, in which a wine aged.

“We were surprised to discover here a sophisticated factory to produce wine in industrial quantities”, declared in the statement together archeologists Elie Hadad, Liat Nadav-Ziv electronic Jon Selingman, who led like excavations.

At that time, the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory that is now ruled by the Islamists perform Hamas, electronic the city adjacent to Ashkelon, zero south over Israel, close to Yavne, they were known for the quality of their wines, which were sold throughout the Mediterranean basin. presence on wine presses over 2.300 years, when the aquemnid Persian empire largely reigned Middle East electronic performance, therefore, proving that the regional perform industry lasted for several centuries wine, according to archaeologists .

The complex about Yavne being “protected” electronically significantly part about an archaeological park that will be open to the public, reported on Monday the Israeli Authority on Antiquities.

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