Interpretation of not-so-subtle clinical signs leads to correct diagnosis

A man progressively lost all his disposition over a few months. His eloquent speech at they would little was replaced by monosyllables. Before, the good-natured early riser began to pan all morning, broken moments of sleep. Once resolute, began to dodge 2 problems. The situation got even more serious when, for good, he stopped eating electronic and didn’t even get out of bed. Weakened, he was taken to the medical center.

He would certainly have some neurological disease, because there were only zero behavioral changes. Their movements were slow, as if they were limited by some invisible armor. There were a lot of clinical clues for sony ericsson to lean on electronics to investigate the cause of that illness. However, an artifact, a mistakenly valued detail, caught the attention of 2 neurologists. As a result, the path to diagnosis became more winding. The man trembled his lips.

There is some rare medical condition, the disease on Whipple, caused by bacteria, which usually causes diarrhea. However, in its neurological manifestation, it causes cognitive losses and strange mouth movement. Operating system neurologists were enthusiastic, because they believed this to be the reason for the weakness of the performance of a man. subtle physical change. But the excitement was not just self-serving, Whipple’s disease can be cured with antibiotics. Logo design, I learned correctly, would cure someone of a dementia, exceptional event. These appeals have made operating system neurologists pursue the hypothetical diagnostic for electronic exams plus exams. However, the patient does not have another symptom of an unusual infection electronic operating system mouth movements could have any other explanation.

Fortunately, a psychiatrist interrupted like rambling when interpreting clinical signals zero to subtle. Elegantly gave the correct diagnosis. The patient did not suffer from dementia, much less was infected by some freak bacteria, his period depression disorder electronic operating system slow movements were the classic expression of catatonia. The proposed treatment, electroconvulsive therapy, made the man return to his electronic activities without losing his lip tremor.

Leaving a mistake to operating system neurologists perform the case, I’m sure that some about you, my curious readers imagined a poor vulnerable man in chains, screaming and getting shocked on the head. However no, my dears. The anesthetized patient received the therapy, free from pain and electronic anguish. Electronic has not undergone any trial and error treatment. Electroconvulsive therapy, for some serious medical services, is considered the treatment of choice to combat catatonia in depression.

The long story. In 1938, a statistical detail captured the attention of Hungarian neurologist Ladislas Meduna: people with schizophrenia were almost never affected by epilepsy. However, when they eventually suffered seizures, they got better. The physician, with intellectual sophistication electronic and scholar, realized the practical aspect of these subtle relationships. Enthusiastic, he believed that he would cure patients with some severe disease. Soon design began to provoke seizures in schizophrenic patients pharmacologically, with very good results, he proved. But operating system toxic effects made some brilliant souls look for alternatives until they reached the electric shocks applied to the skull. The seizures induced by electric currents in the head were more easily initiated electronic, aborted electronic, finally, they retired the injections of chemical products.

Years later, the psychiatry, having enormous experience with the electroconvulsive therapy, contraps operating system good previous results. In fact, treatment should be the last option against schizophrenia, albeit against melancholy. It is interesting to note that the oldest record of shock therapy against pathological sadness dated to 1192 in the city of Bologna, electronically repeated a century later. However, these two zero experiments gained the spotlight as seeing that actions on Meduna operating system. Equally peculiar, the statistical interpretations that reached the Hungarian neurologist were electronically revised so it was noted that schizophrenics faced a double risk of having epilepsy. therapy against schizophrenia for some meandering trail. But it was a pioneer for useful electronic discoveries practiced to this day.

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