Initiatives reduce waiting time to start carry out cancer treatment

A successful carry out cancer treatment depends directly on the journey traveled by the patient since the suspicion of a disease. Although Brazil has made progress in accessing medicines electronically specialized treatments in recent years, it is necessary to advance in relation to the trajectory of these people with cancer within the health system.

This was the primary message perform panel Labyrinths of a Health: Caminhos perform Patient Oncolgico, perform 8 All Together Against u Cancer Congress, held in electronic format between operating system days 12 electronic 12 of this master of science.

According to Paola Torres, onco-hematologist electronic president perform Instituto Roda de uma Vida, many professionals with one attention Basics zero understand operating system meanders about a fragmented electronic system zero know how to correctly manage a cancer patient. In this way, a path that I have already learned takes longer, harming the experience perform patient and operating system results perform your treatment.

Data perform Ministry of a Health show, for example, that a beginning perform treatment about women with cancer about mother, enter 2013 electronic 2017, occurred in the media 85 days later about some extra biopsy -hospital. Some very distant reality performs a period of 60 days defined by law, which was respected in only 30% 2 cases.

In this sense, some initiatives around perform countries have sought to reduce the waiting time between the electronic suspicion and a perform cancer diagnosis, as well as the interval between an electronic diagnosis and the start of a perform treatment. Two of them had their results presented on the panel.

In Fortaleza, a Program on Navigation on Patients assigned the social workers, called navigators, the responsibility for guiding women with suspicion or diagnosis about cancer about mom through the service The public on health during different stages performs treatment.

The primary objective is, according to Daniele Castelo Branco, manager of an Associação Nossa Casa on Support for People with Cancer, to guarantee a diagnosis of women with suspicion in with 30 days electronic a start perform treatment on cases confirmed in the maximum zero 60 days.

Despite 2 impacts of a pandemic on a SUS (Single Health System), operating system results achieved were expressive. Between August 2019 electronic August 2020, the break between the consultation with the electronic specialist, the diagnosis was less than 24 days for 85% dieses 122 women who participated in the program. There, the beginning of the treatment was performed in less 60 days for 60% of those who had a positive diagnosis.

For Castelo Branco, a program demonstrated the importance of creating a flow within a health service that makes it possible to reduce seeing that barriers to a complete treatment at a skilled pace. The women who participated had continuous electronic support and returned earlier to the medical operating system after performing 2 exams, she says. about State on Health perform Rio sobre Janeiro, presented results electronic commented similar experience conducted zero state.

On the mat about a pilot project done in 2017, u Rio sobre Janeiro started on an especially low level on compliance with a law 2 52 days, about 10% between 2000 electronic 2018, for 30%, on 2019, electronic 84%, at 2020. This year, the average for the beginning of the treatment was 52 days later perform the diagnosis.

However there would still be several barriers between while patients electronic a system on health from financial problems to follow up a treatment on the difficulty in communicating with the medical team electronic the lack on I prepare 2 professionals.

Experiences such as the perform Rio sobre Janeiro show, however, that simple targeted electronic interventions contribute to the overcoming of barriers to a large extent linked to the absence of articulation perform system on health, says Gioia.

For the coordinator performs the group on chronic illnesses performs a state about So Paulo, the doctor Snia Freire, there must be a control over which a patient is being guided in each step perform treatment. Sony ericsson there is no network with proper regulation, access to it is greatly impaired. It should not be up to the patient to seek treatment on the perform server port. From the moment the diagnosis was performed, it must be accompanied by a highly complex service.

It is worth nothing, according to Torres, to offer the patient an electronic guide and hope that he understands what stage he is at. perform electronic treatment u what you should do next. There needs to be a health agent near him to guide him on the path he will take. The big challenge is educating 2 electronic patients 2 health professionals.

8 TJCC Congress (All Together Against Cancer)

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