How NASA retirees helped save a Hubble telescope

Sounds like something about Hollywood. They would 15 years the Hubble telescope orbits the Earth about 50 kilometers above height, providing fascinating images of electronic stars galaxies distant. Originally, a NASA mission was supposed to last only 15 years, but the outer spy is still flying, having so far sent 1.5 million photos to Earth. .

At that, in 13 about June about 2021, it stopped about running u called payload personal computer, which controls electronic coordinates the scientific instruments the board performs at the observatory. When it stopped sending data to the primary computer, it automatically set the status on all scientific equipment. All simply because of a solitary team’s attempts to reboot the disabled drive through the perform primary computer, failed.

In principle, zero was no reason to panic. After all, for precisely extreme cases, all the important perform Hubble components exist in duplicate. Then, the deactivated equipment also had its back-up, which was replaced during the last Hubble perform maintenance mission, in 2009. However, in ze dealing with such a computer, on sony ericsson you can simply press the power button.

What to do with an electronic cassette tape or a floppy disk?

How is it possible that, at the highly technological NASA, no one else knows how they used to work in the past? as I learned someone found some old box in the basement full of childhood memorabilia, among which some cassette tape of their favorite electronic songs and a floppy disk. While the ze person asks who still has an electronic cassette recorder and a floppy disk reader, his grandson has no idea what those strange plastic clutter are.

This banal example assists to illustrate the how quickly the sony ericsson technology transforms electronic, with it, or technical knowledge to use or repair it. Electronic, in the case of a NASA rescue operation, any error could have meant the irreversible end of a Hubble mission. observatory, also brought together former engineers who collaborated on the project. After all, as NASA recognizes, to fix a space telescope built in the decade of 50, knowledge about everyone involved in the Hubble os perform story was needed.

“The cooperation was inspiring”

More on 50 individuals participated in a rescue operation over two weeks. First, the old electronic new members of a team studied together the list of 2 possible weaknesses, in order to try to delimit the problem. knew the old unit over processing over commands electronic data perform computer over payload. Other retirees found in Hubble’s authentic perform documentation, dating from 15 to 40 years ago, the instructions needed to circumvent the crash.

“This is the advantage over a program that runs they would be over 15 years: an incredible amount on experience electronic knowledge specialized,” says Tull. “It was inspiring to cooperate with both the current team and those who have moved on to other projects. They show such dedication to their peers perform Hubble, for the electronic science observatory!”

Step by step, the startup perform computer was calculated in a NASA control center perform simulator. Putting it all together, the backup computer could be successfully activated in 15 July, some break of five weeks later.

Two days later, the instruments returned to provide fascinating images of distant points performing outer space. In the first one, you can see two galaxies that have just learned to merge in the constellation Capricorn, with three arms, all thanks to the cooperation of 2 retirees from NASA.

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