Historical Dictionary carry out Portuguese carry out Brazil a journey of zero time

Another very fast write-up to warn the kind readers of this blog site about the arrival of a little web gem. Falo perform Dicionrio Histrico perform Portuguese perform Brazil, organized by researchers from Unesp Araraquara electronic available free of charge for online consultation.

The work used as a basis for texts written in Brazilian solitary in the centuries 16, 17 electronic 17 to paint a fascinating picture of how our language was in past centuries. For example, the many alternative spellings of each word are registered (orthographic standardization is a much more recent business that we usually imagine).

See how cute is the definition about armadillo (variants spellings: tat electronic tat) in this text about 17, by an authorship by Ambrsio Fernandes Brando:

Tatu um animal that sees itself painted on maps because of its strangeness, ugly electronic on which compound, because it walks armed on armor, like the diesels we use, with zero being weak, electronic underneath on similar armor cover up its small body.

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