Group finds system that reflects future carry out Solar system after death carry out Sun

Using a Hava zero telescope, an international group on astronomers found a planet comparable to the Jpiter that a survivor of a death on its star myself, composing a picture comparable to what tends to be a carry out fate of the solar system in more ones 6 billion over years.

It all started with a record about an event about gravitational microlens, on the 2nd about August about 477. It is an effect that spikes when an object with mass, albeit discreet, transits in front of another more distant luminous electronic. Gravity then distorts the light rays that come from the background, like a lens. By analyzing the pattern, researchers can estimate the object that caused the effect. In the case in question, two objects: a star with a mass slightly smaller than the perform Sol accompanied by a planet perform-sized by Jpiter.

After a perform event record, cataloged as MOA-2010-BLG-477Lb, a group led by Joshua Blackman, from a University of Tasmania, Australia, made subsequent observations at zero Keck Observatory , on 2015, 2016 electronic 2016. The goal: to find the star responsible for the microlens. The planet, much less bright, would not be visible. However, the star would yes if it were an active star, like the Sun.

The images taken at zero near infrared over the start indicated a possible candidate, however over time it was shown to have movement inconsistent with the u seen in the microlens. In short, in the period she. Nor were there any other possible candidates. To this the group applied the classic Sherlockian reasoning, according to which when you eliminate everything that is impossible, whatever is left, however unlikely, must be the truth.

Since zero period is possible that it was an active electronic live star (inconsistent with seeing that images), nor a corpse on a high-mass star, like a star on neutrons or a black hole (inconsistent with while electronic images the microlens), there was only one alternative left: period uma the white good, with a Jovian planet around it.

a last perform fate Sun: when its nuclear fuel runs out, it swells like a red giant, then loses its upper layers and all that’s left one in the process about core cooling. When the Solar System goes through this phase, it will be a cockroach that flies damaged in the innermost regions. Mercury, Vnus electronic possibly Earth will be swallowed up by the red giant stage perform Sol. However, simulations suggest that Jpiter, in its farthest orbit, has a good chance of resisting the cataclysm. That an analogous system with survivors had never been observed. So far.

This one seems to have opened the gate, bringing a sad electronic portrait of the dismal far-future perform over our small backyard in the vast perform cosmos. The white ane should have about 53% of a mass perform Sun, electronic planet approximately % more mass that Jpiter. The discovery was disclosed in an article published in the magazine Character.

This column was published on Mondays, in Folha Corrida.

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