Group finds 80-million-year-old minicrocodile in MG

The diversity of extinct relatives of crocodiles and alligators in Brazil during the Age of Dinosaurs never disappoints. And lo and behold, we have a new troupe member, whose name is ideal in case you’re a new tongue twister in need. It is the Eptalofosuchus viridi, found where Uberaba (MG) is located today. If you prefer a simpler name, you can call it the seven-hill crocodile.

The living being was tiny 40 cm long, it fed both on plants and small animals and had terrestrial habits.

The description of the species was led by Thiago Marinho, from the Federal University of Tringulo Mineiro. The beauty of the animal authored by Jlia dOliveira illustration.

You can read the abstract of the original scientific article describing the species by clicking here.

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