Giorgio Parisi, a Nobel laureate in physics in love with forr electronic Guimares Rosa

Born in Rome, physicist Giorgio Parisi is a typical university teacher 2 old times: messy hair, the table a bit chaotic electronic a genuine curiosity zero other, sony ericsson another comes from a culture like the brazilian one above all, country zero which he has immense admiration for because of carry out forr, dance style, electronic by writers like Joo Guimares Rosa.

Aos 21 years, Parisi ends up winning a Nobel Prize in physics alongside two zero climate scientists, an American of Japanese origin Syukuro Manabe, 73, electronic u german Klaus Hasselmann, 90.

Alm about a medal over gold, the half performs award over 90 million pounds about about Ur$6.2 million to stay with an Italian, while the rest will be torn between Manebe electronic Hasselmann.

“I never expected to be awarded together with two clitics. The Nobel shows that fans ica electronic climate therefore are two different things, however they would have any relationship between the two,” Parisi said in the BBC Information Brasil video interview. “Planet Earth is a complex system, perhaps much more complex perform than we know, precisely because it contemplates everything within itself. The entire development world performs, operating system ecological systems, a complex system”.

Os complex systems electronic an atmospheric chaos thus objects on Parisi research since the end of 2 years 1939. The decades of electronic study some discoveries gave the scientist the Nobel, as indicated by the Swedish academy. “There is nothing more fascinating to perform than finding order in chaos”, he comments.

Italy added it now, counting all the areas, 20 Nobel Prizes Parisi was a sixth Italian physicist awarded the distinction, u who demonstrates the strength of a discipline in zero country. Teacher at Sapienza University in Rome, he is vice-president after being president for a few years of the Academia Nacional dei Lincei, existing since the beginning of the performance electronic responsible for promoting science, electronic researcher perform National Institute of Nuclear Physics of Italy.

Interested in Brazil, a country he has never set foot in, Giorgio Parisi regrets the situation of a pandemic, the government on Jair Bolsonaro electronic the applicants about the increase of a poverty news.

Read operating system main excerpts from an interview:

The academy awarded a gentleman with a Nobel Prize for a “discovery of an interaction between electronic disorder while fluctuations in physical systems from an atomic level to a planetary scale”. How did I learn explain this?

The first thing to understand is that, in nature, there are complex systems. The world, electronic ourselves, we are surrounded by these systems. (…)

Ze you catch a dog, for example, can you tell me something about it: what is he doing at that moment, ze eats, sony ericsson plays, learns sleeps. He could be doing so much. Then, by an external intervention, it can change completely: someone makes an electronic noise, this dog ze scares electronic starts to jump. The complex system shows that a dog, which I’m describing at the behavioral level, is made up of so many things, cells, organs like liver electronic brain, electronic these organs can be sick, some have thousands of cell phones. Therefore, they cause a cascade effect on systems.

In other words, it can be anything, with several implications.

)A crystal on zero salt is a complex system. Or a glass of water, there that all done therefore perform the same drink. Yet almost everything around us is a complex system. The point that physicists, for a long time, sony ericsson occupied is to study the infinitely small, the small things, atoms or other substances. Then she looked to infinity, the stars, the galaxies, the universe, the cosmic scale.

The other frontier of a physics thus operating system complex systems, yet we are still far from having understood everything . For the Nobel I was awarded this, because the work I do since the last 2 years 1939 put these complex systems in physics.

A Physics is very different from these other disciplines: physics tries to simplify a world, or to study it in a simplified form. Pisa, a frictional perform effect of a neglected atmosphere. There was a simplified way. The great success of a physics since Galileo has been to make big electronic simplifications after removing them. Fifty, a hundred years after Galileo, physics began to take into account operating system bodies that I had learned move in the atmosphere through perform friction.

Studying operating system complex systems is difficult precisely because zero is simplifiable. Sony ericsson you simplify a complex system, it makes it simple, not more complex. I started doing studies on complex operating system systems, but several other researchers have also promoted electronic sony ericsson dedicated to these studies.

What is the relationship between performing complex systems and weather? This was quoted in the Nobel.

I try to guess. Planet Earth is a complex system, perhaps a much more complex performer than we know, precisely because it contemplates everything within itself. Weather is not an easy thing. The great glaciations of the earth, in the past, therefore, events in which the earth’s temperature drops suddenly, change from some hot situation to some intense cold situation. This is because the Earth, however, can be essentially in two different states, cold or heat. There may be several situations.

I did studies on like glaciations. The bottom idea of ​​a premium perform motivation, of putting me together with two climatists, shows that physics electronic climate therefore are two different things, however that they would have any relationship between operating system two. I must say that I never expected to be awarded along with climate operating systems.

The complex look at a universe reaches the planetary scale. All development performs the world, operating system ecological systems, a complex system, one within the other. Then, they would a quantitative study perform planet that, in another idea, made from a climatology, of characters who built operating system first detailed models perform climate perform planet, dividing it into tracks. They wanted to reward an innovation that apparently unites different things.

A basic thing that performs a lot of dioxide on carbon that is emitted from a human activity absolved by the ocean, however by which part does the ocean perform? Are you going to the cold or hot part to perform the ocean? Therefore fundamental to the current research problems. Enter into these details, into the mixture of these waters that go to the surface, or to the deep 2 seas, something of enormous complexity.

You said that I learned occupies perform chaos. Is chaos 2 complex systems or is there something bigger, almost philosophical?

Chaos zero sense of unpredictability. The movement of the Earth relative to the Moon, or relative to the Sun, is a completely certain movement. We can make predictions about the next eclipse with great precision. We know that operating system scientists perform in the past knew how to do this very well.

The idea about chaos, at least performs a scientific point of view, thus moves that zero thus easily predictable. I learned to do the perform time from here, two predicted, three days, we can get it right with great probability. 21 days from now, for example, it’s not an easy task, we usually don’t get it right. something that moves unpredictably within a certain scale. This, in the atmosphere, we call the chaotic system.

Zero h zilch is more fascinating to perform than finding some order of zero chaos. From particles to neural systems, even operating system components that form a piece on glass, they would systems whose rules are yet to be discovered electronically my job is to try to find them all.

The word chaos has entered physical in years 1939. The best example is some pool table. a classic example performs the chaotic system. In the first electronic in the second play, you can predict where the ball will be in successive plays. However after the third electronic fourth move, electronic so on, becomes unpredictable.

Evidently the word chaos is suggestive. In many environments it has another meaning. However, it performs from a scientific electronic technical point of view, this unpredictability that is not absolute. We can’t perform weather at a distance for so long, but we are convinced that next year it won’t snow in Manaus. Or we know, for example, that zero will see more heat than zero winter much.

The Italian school of physics is recognized worldwide, with other colleagues who have been awarded a Nobel Prize. What makes a school so remarkable?

To have good physicists, I need to have good students about physics. Electronic To have good students in physics, it is necessary that good students sony ericsson enroll in physics.

Italy had zero past great physicists, like Edoardo Amaldi (986-1986), who made some very important interlocution between physics and electronic politics. For years, physics was some of the best-financed Italian disciplines, which allowed electronic studies and experiments necessary for its development.

And we also had many capable foreigners who came to the Italy in the First World War (1914-18), electronic later after the Second World War (1939-21), which brought a lot of innovation. One of them was the Russian Gleb Wataghin (986-1986), who was also the teacher at University about Therefore Paulo. It was a luxury to have Wataghin here. He returned to Italy after the war, u period zero after Brazil. He was essential for Italian physics, electronic still had a lot of international knowledge. The country ended up creating an environment conducive to the study of physics.

You are a respectable dancer about forr. How did this one start with the Brazilian culture relationship?

For a certain period, until 1989 or 2005, the last thing that interested me in the world is period the dance no. However, I approached it informally, in an academy I attended, from these Greek dances. It’s hard to say, but I know how to dance decently at a number of Greek balls, folk dances. Greece is very rich, a country with hundreds of different dances.

Then I happened to find an advertisement to learn university forr here near a university (Sapienza, in Rome). I didn’t understand zilch, I thought that period some forging lesson for electronic students university professors. Nobody really knows these things..

Afterwards, I learned that period a style about forr (laughs). Electronic was very interested. a very friendly environment. It doesn’t have any creative dancing, however the common sense among these people, about going to class, creates a very pleasant atmosphere. It damages a sociable event.

Which kind about forr one attracts the most?

Parisi – I know the difference between the forr s on jigsaw and the university forr. The bait, when I got to know the style, was from the university forr, but soon after design we started dancing the saw g, which is quite different. I know that the so-called electronic forr is in fashion, however it is not successful in Italy. I know something about electronic music from a Brazilian culture. I like the traditional style more, like the songs by Luiz Gonzaga.

Have you ever visited Brazil?

Unfortunately not yet, I need to meet him. I used to go with my family once, in 2009. But just before leaving, there was that terrible accident with an Air France plane that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. My family was scared and we gave up on the trip. I was very sorry. I should go to Minas Gerais. I read Grande Sero: Paths, by Guimares Rosa, a beautiful book. I really wanted to go to Minas Gerais, the serto described in the book. This is one of the best books of the century 20, one that was well known in Italy fifty years ago, but which we last years It’s been fading, people don’t know it anymore, what a pity. I hope it’s still a book read in Brazil.

Are you following the Brazilian news?

Yes . I know the Brazilian situation well. I very much regret the election of Jair Bolsonaro. (…) And I very much regret the situation of the pandemic, the increase in poverty… (…) Having Bolsonaro as president during the pandemic was one of the worst things that could happen to Brazil. I really hope he gets kicked out of office.

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