Get up and walk: contemporary Frankenstein doctors

Mr. Antnio was one of us. Liked to have fun electronic being with their operating system. His skills, virtues, electronic defects were common. However, he possessed an anatomical detail, such as only about % these people have. Instead of having some artery to nourish each of his two thalamus, Antnio has something unique to supply both of them at some point. This peculiarity would go unnoticed were it not for arteriosclerosis to end such discretion, when it suddenly occluded the atypical blood vessel. If only a 2 thlamos were damaged, the man would have much lesser problems. But operating system two injured ones left him in a coma irreversibly.

Each two thalamus is located at zero cerebral center. Strategic place to exercise its functions as a processing core, it performs the flow of information, from the body periphery to the brain surface. Or in a more generic explanation, the thalamic apparatus captures visual, auditory, tactile or other sensory modalities data, arranges them electronic operating system, retransmits them to the outermost layer of our brain, the last moment of the emergence of consciousness. The thalamus also makes the regulation perform sono cycle electronic wake.

Without its two thlamos zilch, it would wake Antnio more.

All the rest of the perform brain was still regular. Intact neural networks were waiting for the thalmic trigger, to bring Antnio’s mind back into his body. The major consequences of two small injuries disturbed the hospital staff then responsible for the patient.

One 2 doctors remembered about some scientific publication about 2002, whose subject period was some intervention performed zero brain on a man who, they would 6 years, had suffered a plot of brain trauma. Since then, he had become incapable of any activity.

This person lived in some similar condition, however zero exactly, to what we modernly call the nonresponsive wake syndrome (SVA), formerly understood as the state permanent vegetative.

Those who are at SVA zero are aware of themselves electronic, nor do they perform in the environment. However, he eventually demonstrated these perceptions by interacting with subtle bodily signals. It therefore gave clear signs of still having residual brain networks. Some team of doctors believed that these networks could be targets of some well-targeted therapeutic action. This hypothesis was tested electronic electrodes, connected to a small battery, were surgically implanted in the patient perform talmos.

After a neurosurgery, a patient managed to better control his limbs, started to chew food electronically conquered discreet gain to communicate the. Unfortunately there are no more publications to inform us about the consequences of the procedure in the long term. We do not know if after surgery, the man achieved some independence. The treatment, however, was repeated in other patients, but operating system results were damages.

However, electronic devices are part of the carry out strategy doctor t. Implanted stimulators help people with Parkinson’s disease to move better, interfaces between brain and electronic computers help people move robotic limbs, substitutes for amputees. They would some scientific race in which the last to understand these brain circuitry correlated with our waking electronic consciousness.

With that knowledge in hand, maybe some little machine would wake up your Antnio.

However, it is worth remembering that raw medicine, aims at electronic, unromantic. Not even a Hollywood ending wait.

Wake up some perform coma, perform vegetative state or about minimally conscious state, be some great glory of a humanity, if all goes well. After all, we run the risk of bringing someone’s awareness or awakening to its permanent sequelae, common to those who have suffered severe brain damage. We will be able to increase the attention to electronic pain and foment psychological disturbances, which used to be quiescent.

While the hospital staff was planning to understand if it could replicate some of these actions, perform the study on 2007 to wake Antnio, he involuntarily ended like arguments. He died the other day of a cardiac infarction.


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