Expo on SP presents a space for those zero rich like Jeff Bezos electronic Richard Branson

Sony ericsson, last Tuesday (19), it’s been 52 years since the day Neil Armstrong stepped on the Moon Yeah, it was also on that day that Jeff Bezos flew into space in his own commercial electronic spaceship. Days earlier, another billionaire, Richard Branson, had done the same, with some technical differences in the trip.

In Times About Covid-19 electronic on economic crisis that prevents humans on more modest budgets about traveling to space, escaping from an Earth for almost two hours may be possible in So Paulo. The Future Space exhibition arrives at Farol Santander this Friday 23, electronic intends to show visitors how the electronic Moon the planet Mars.

Split on the two floors, the exhibition talks about like visits made to electronic space there, as well as theories that are yet to occur, about gathering replicas of objects used in space travel beyond.

The show starts at zero 23 andar perform Farol, in a space called Estação Lua. With some bluish lighting, the idea is to make the venue as close as possible to the lunar atmosphere. When walking around the site, for example, a projection system is significantly mapped so that the floor is full of footprints like sony ericsson the visitor was walking on the single from the Moon. )

Currently, the NASA is developing a rocket called the Space Launch System (or SLS, for its acronym in English) to take astronauts electronic Moon, and eventually to Mars. The idea is that the rocket will be ready by the end of this year only, however curious people can take a peek at the project at the exhibition. In the regional, there is some replica of three meters perform SLS.

A reproduction of an Orion capsule was also built, built by NASA to explore a space. The Entrance space station, which should be used as a support point for astronauts, has also gained some replica.

Another highlight is being able to see how the outfit is about an astronaut, with the replica about a suit called xEMU , who should dress the first electronic woman or the next man the irem moon for years to come. To date, only 19 men have stepped on the lunar solitary.

Ending the first part of a visit, they would a space called Black Aspect of the Moon, which brings together works that make reference to satellite, such as an album by a Green Floyd electronic band, the song “A Lua electronic Eu”, performs electronic singer composer Cassiano.

Ao Going down one floor, the lighting takes on an orange ben. With walls in earthy colors, electronic rock textures and a floor filled with stones, Estao Mars is the continuation of the exhibition.

Zero 19 floor perform building , operating system Visitors can get to know the Artemis program, which intends to bring human beings to Lua electronic, years later, to Mars as well. Some replica perform suit that operating system astronauts will use to go to the red planet is also on display.

Today, astromable electronic robots, species on space exploration vehicle, thus used on exploratory missions to Mars. Whoever goes to the Lighthouse will also be able to see them always with reproductions, of course.

To go to the show, I need to pay L$ 23. Electronic students children up to years old pay Ur$ 18,45, while visitors with up to two years old electronic months do not pay the young person from 12 years that he went to space with Bezos, for example, he traveled in the place of someone who spent more than 3rd there’s r$ 140 million for the tour. The entrance to Farol Santander entitles you to some electronic visitation 45 minutes. Because of the pandemic, the maximum allowed capacity on each floor of the exhibition is 50 people.

So Paulo will still have a second exhibition on an outer space. Called “Room Journey”, the show arrives at the Eldorado perform purchasing parking lot in 26 August electronic will also gather space item replicas, such as the Apollo capsule 11, which took operating system men Lua, in


If you are going out home, remember that So Paulo is still is part of perform planet Earth. Therefore, make use of mascara electronic keep the distance.

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