Environmental neglect in the worst carry out drought of the century transforms the interior of São Paulo into something worse carry out than Mordor

In 2 more poignant moments the classic carry out of a One Lord 2 Anise fantasy (the book, simply not the movies), the hobbits who ended up playing the main role in the demonic carry out debacle vilo Sauron return home in the supposed triumph and discover that the horror they had defeated will reach their beloved land before they do.

Trees have been cut down electronically burned for the sheer pleasure of destruction, chimneys spew zero smoke, fetid effluents pollute the Brandevin River. For all intents and purposes, their home has become a copy of Mordor, the kingdom of Sauron.

This here performs worse than Mordor! exclaims Sam, the hobbit whose close friendship with the land is characteristic of its people, the most intense. Much worse, in a way (…) because your home, electronic you sony ericsson remembers about how period before it got all ruined. However, the feeling that european union spent the last several weeks in a place worse performs than Mordor, precisely zero in the same sense expressed by Sam. sky over So Carlos (SP) zero was clouded by the smoke of diesels burned in an unrecognizable way. The clouds turned into a kind of cinder soup, electronic the very air around us sometimes seemed to acquire that same pasty consistency, with a glowing aftertaste. Even the sun has changed color.

And look that european union takes place over speech when u subject burns. I spent my childhood electronic adolescence watching the ashes of the sugarcane harvest dirtying the backyards perform the neighborhood where I grew up.

Nothing perform that european union have seen in the years 1980 electronic 1990, however, comparable to what happened this year, simply because the ignorance, the electronic recklessness about some 2 of my fellow countrymen caused a fire to devour zero like plantations on sugarcane that were harvested by this method, but some dieses few areas on electronic savannah forest on gallery that were left over here.

The soup over ash we have been swimming in is made with seeing that zero trees means which, Months ago, period it is possible to have a glimpse of how the inside of São Paulo period before being trampled by the hooves on the agribusiness perform. In fact, as our colleague Phillippe Watanabe in a recent report showed, the cerrado perform all over Brazil has had the worst burning season since 2012. Ah, but the cerrado is a vegetation that evolved with fire. Yes, there is an organic fire, caused by lightning before a rainy season.

Zero current Mordor moment, with no sign of lightning storms, who is lighting the fire or human being the intentionality, for those who still need to breathe, it doesn’t matter.

What infuriates me that the presence on two major Brazilian universities (the USP electronic the UFSCar) here performs my insufficient side for a municipality to learn to manage its natural resources in a minimally decent way. Electronic zero for missing warning about. You could avoid this hecatomb with a little bit of planning, electronic brain surveillance on the part of the public power.

That no one learned is wrong: zero ze is about talk about ecochato, but about survival. Fires kill, electronic kills the most vulnerable to atmospheric pollution. Electronic still carry the disgrace bonus of delaying the end of the drought that made them possible there is shown that ash messes up the dynamics of cloud formation. Either we age group, or the glorious São Paulo insider runs out of water to drink because real estate speculation decided to use fire to sony ericsson to rid 2 small remains on the savannah.

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