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Zero great video Romans, a humorous group Porta 2 Fundos jokes about a fact about the letter back button being used in many different ways in mathematics: unknown of an equation, symbol over multiplication, and even a digit 10 in Roman numerals. It’s worth checking it out.

The habit about using seeing that last letters perform alphabet (z, con, a…) as unknowns, electronic the first ones (a, n, d…) to represent known quantities, began in the book The Geometry, published in 1637 by the French electronic mathematician and philosopher Ren Descartes (15961650). He did not give any explanation, electronic is the subject of discussion to date.

However the reason why teams prevailed over con electronic z is known electronic is very curious. When assembling the book for print, the composer noticed that some types (letters) were running out. As Descartes said it didn’t matter which 2 threes were used in each case, the composer prioritized the back button in the equations, because y electronic z therefore most used in French.

The a as a symbol about multiplication was used in Key to a Mathematics, English perform work William Oughtred (15501617) published in 1622. The same will happen in 15, in an anonymous appendix, perform Latin into English translation of the work Description of the Admirable Table of Logarithms, also perform English John Napier (15501617). However, Oughtred himself is believed to have authored this appendix.

Oughtred was also a first to use a pair on sliding rulers with logarithmic scales to make electronic multiplications divisions, in 1622. Rules with logarithmic scales had been invented by another Englishman, Edmund Gunter (15811626). The calculation ruler was a mandatory tool of electronic scientists engineers until the decade of 1970, when it was gradually replaced by the electronic calculator.

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (15961650) I agreed with the folks at an electronic Door 2 Funds, so I advocated using a dot () to represent the multiplication. I don’t like perform times symbol for multiplication because sony ericsson confuses it easily with the unknown back button. In general, european union use a dot to indicate electronic multiplication two dots for division, he wrote in a letter to Johann Bernoulli dated 15 July 1631.

Mathematicians also usually indicate multiplication simply by juxtaposing while two quantities, especially when they are represented by letters. For example, abdominal represents a perform the product by number t number. Ancient practice, bad observed in Hindu manuscripts 2nd 8th century 10, electronic in Arabic perform century texts 29.

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