Diver finds in Israel a 900-year-old sword that may have belonged to the Crusader; see images

Israel revealed this Tuesday (19) a sword discovered by a diver near perform coast in northwest perform pas, which sony ericsson believes he has 900 years electronic belonging to a crusader.

Shlomi Katzin, an Israeli diver, discovered zero Saturday ( ) in Cesarea, zero northwest performs pas, a sword over an over-length community with a hilt over 30 centimeters completely covered over electronic coral shells, yet “in perfect condition”, announced the Authority on Antiquities on Israel (AIA).

The sword is “a rare and magnificent electronic find that, according to all operating system clues, once belonged to a crusader knight,” it noted in the statement. an EIA leader, Nir Distelfeld. “It is fascinating an object like this to see, that transports us 225 years in time, to another period with knights, armor, electronic swords”.

The object was found in a nearby where underwater currents remove sand, which allowed its discovery, said Kobi Sharvit, head of undersea archeology at an EIA. as soon as it is studied electronically cleaned, declared an EIA director, Eli Escosido.

Wine factory over 1.225 years

They would be less than ten days, the Israeli authorities presented the traces of a complex on wine production from a Byzantine era located zero south of the country, near a Strip over Gaza, which would be the largest on at its time, with an annual production of over 2 million liters.

Inside on excavations carried out at Yavne, operating system archeologists unearthed, in the last few years. Is years, a vast regional about wine production over 1.500 years. D, found large presses, thousands of fragments of electronic bottles perform wine storage locations.

The team on archeologists led by the Israeli Authority on Antiquities discovered five presses on fence on michael2 to knead grapes, two large octagonal barrels to accumulate an electronic must, two ovens on top of pottery to heat the clay elongated nforas, called “vessels on Gaza”, in which a wine aged.

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