Demarcation of indigenous lands threatens to bring the sky down on STF judges

The STF (Supreme Federal Court) once again postponed the decision on the Pandora’s box that opened in 2008 by inventing the thesis of the time frame as a precondition for demarcating indigenous lands (TIs) . It seems evident that the court hesitates to define its position, which will have general repercussions.

If it establishes the notion that the original right to ILs still pending, in frank disregard for the Constitution, can only be recognized in cases in which they were occupied in 1988, the STF will be feted by the ogre band of agribusiness. Land grabbers and garimpeiros will also sing victory over the first Brazilians.

If the ministers ban the distorted interpretation of art. 231 of the Charter, the result of a rare civilized agreement in Congress, will preserve over their heads the fragile roof of respectability that still shelters them from the storm. To continue to make every effort to defend him.

The ease with which the judge of the fraudulent news inquiry swallowed President Jair Bolsonaro’s offenses makes him fear for the worst (no pun intended with the surname of a former president moved by the worst in the country). A simple horn from a soy farmer’s truck seems capable of cracking the glass roof.

The idea of ​​a roof that guarantees survival gained prominence in the Yanomami’s thinking. For no other reason in the title The Fall of Heaven Appears, a book written by shaman and ethnic leader Davi Kopenawa with anthropologist Bruce Albert.

The message is clear: if and when the forest disappears, and with She is the latest shamans, the sky is crumbling on our heads. Crushing not only the skulls of the indigenous people in their traditionally occupied lands (or expelled from them), but also those of the people of the commodity, as Kopenawa’s relatives call us.

One way to decipher the figure pe the climate crisis in place of the crumbling firmament. Indeed, the biomass contained in the forest so well preserved in the ILs has a relevant weight in the carbon balance that it can slow down the greenhouse effect and the extreme events triggered by global warming.

an impoverishing interpretation, even narrow , because it leaves aside the shamans who support the sky in collusion with the xapiris (spirits). In a word, culture, beliefs, knowledge and stories that keep the Yanomami (and so many other peoples) alive and vigorous in the harsh environment of the forest.

A world without these inhabitants of the forest and his words would be even sadder and laughter than they have already become with the advent of Jair Bolsonaro. Anyone who doubts will compare the scenes of the 7th of September on the Esplanada or on the Paulista with those in the film A ltima Floresta, by Luiz Bolognesi. enter the world of waters in the company of Omama and Thuyoma, the happy couple who gave rise to the Yanomami. And gain fish eyes, for everything in the other element to see, freed from the smoke of the tanks on the Plateau.

Yoasi, Omama’s brother, also sleeps with Thuyoma, but he hurts and saddens her with his penis shapeless. He ends up being expelled from the lands of Omama and, on the other bank of the river-ocean, he invents death, until then unknown to humans.

Death is now haunting Brazil, with Bolsonaro, Covid, rifles, truck drivers and time frame. The Supreme can do his best to defeat her, on the battlefront that is his, but be aware of Thuyoma: be more careful with who you lie down.

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