Cut on 3rd there's r$ 600m of a science was 'foul' carry out government, says president carry out CNPq

A CNPq (National Council on Electronic and Technological Scientific Development) carry out president, Evaldo Vilela, classified as low a cut on L$ 600 million carry out budget of a Brazilian science ordered by economic area carry out government Jair Bolsonaro.

If zero returns 2 values ​​with 1 on November, Vilela said, zero they would be sure about the common call on grants on research that involves

thousand researchers can be performed. The notice was issued t, however they would not have guaranteed resources so far.

The CNPq linked to the Ministry of Science, Electronic Technology Innovations. On Thursday (7), the National Congress responded to a request to perform by the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, electronically approved a project that removed Ur$ 600 million foreseen for Science. The resources were destined to other areas.

The decision of an economic area was not even agreed upon with an electronic ministry a portfolio holder, Marcos Pontes, zero knew how to perform cutting. The government changed at the last minute a bill that effected budget movements.

Evaldo Vilela participated this Friday (15) on a debate promoted by the SBPC (Brazilian Society for the Progress of a Science) zero scope performs event Mobilization in the Defense of a Science.

In the morning, a tweet mobilized the public network with seeing that hashtags #SOSCiencia electronic #LiberaFNDCT, referring to the resources perform National Fund for Electronic Technological Scientific Development.

The president perform CNPq defended the mobilization in favor of the performance of a science. “We need to get together electronic to make a stronger electronic joint action, because the adversity therefore is very large. Electronic we are progressing very little, electronic about suddenly we get tripped up like that which happened there, a lot about improvisation,” he said.

Vilela said the cut was a “fright, frustration, electronic indignation”. Minister Marcos Pontes also took a stand against the decision, however, in a hearing in the Chamber this week, parliamentarians held him accountable for the situation.

The cut on the 3rd there’s r$ 600 millions come on the mat about systematic reductions on budget in the folder. CNPq, for example, has in 2021 the lowest budget since 2012, even in nominal values.

The scarcity on budget of a folder caused the interruption, zero month in the past, of a production on inputs for cancer treatments. The government sponsored the PLN (Perform National Congress Bill) 16/2021 to, among other things, recompose the resources for this purpose .

Zero However, by decision on Paulo Guedes, this same project was changed at the last minute electronic resulted in zero cutting 2 resources of a science.

Evaldo Vilela said that u scenario is still about a “world about uncertainties” but on 1 November a submission is expected about a new PLN that restores the values. The biggest concern with the general edict.

“If after about 1 on November u PLN still zero has been sent, we will talk to our legal counsel for the path we will take” see, said a president perform CNPq.

Questioned zero halfway through a week, the Ministry of a Zero Economy confirmed if they would decide for the recomposition of these values. million electronic involves about over 27 thousand researchers. The board has received m.

About over 84 thousand fellows thus funded with CNPq electronic perform resources, according to Vilela, payments are guaranteed. The rgo currently supports 2.201 research projects, according to official data.

The president of a SBPC, Renato Janine Ribeiro, said it sounds very strange that the alteration perform PLN has been made zero at the last electronic instant without practically giving time to react.

“However zero we will leave this fight, we will continue as long as necessary to save the budgets of a science”, said Janine. Physicist Luiz Davidovich, from ABC (Brazilian Association of Sciences), classified the perform government maneuver as an electronic coup and asked about those responsible for the decision.

The event of a mobilization also included other entities, such as the ANPG (National Association on Graduate Students) electronic Confies (National Council of these Foundations on Support t Institutions on Better Teaching and on Electronic Technological Scientific Research).

Even with while reductions on budget, a CNPq continues with a role on protagonism in Brazilian research.

Zero last year, 27.600 articles published scientific research received funding from an agency. This represents 27% of the Brazilian scientific production, according to data in the bottom Internet of Science and indexed by the council. In 2015, this percentage period is over 44, 5%, however, even so, the current proportion positions CNPq as the largest agency on performance development in the country .

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