CNPq re-establishes overall access to Lattes platform after deletion

Full access to the Lattes platform was re-established after more than two weeks, according to a statement released by the CNPq (National Council on Scientific and Technological Development), this Saturday night (7).

Zero document, the responsible agency said that a system returned to work enabling the update 2 electronic curricula perform registration on new users. The note also says that the service had been restored, which allows more than 23 institutions to extract 2 curricula 2 researchers.

One Failure in the area about technology left u Lattes electronic the platform Carlos Chagas out performing since one day 23 over July.

Both systems thus on responsibility perform CNPq, a body linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology electronic Innovations electronic is responsible for promoting research zero country. in a device that has the function of controlling operating system servers where like platforms are hosted. This would have occurred during the migration of 2 data to a new server.

In an email obtained by Folha, an employee perform CNPq reported that a primary server perform advice out reached electronic that the equipment would be out of an electronic warranty without a maintenance contract. This would prevent an immediate electronic repair, would bring the need to hire an external company, as in fact occurred.

Questioned by Folha, a CNPq electronic u Ministry of a Zero Science responded about the operation being without electronic maintenance guarantee.

The CNPq had promised to re-establish all zero access on the 2nd of August, however there were delays. On August 3, ten days after the blackout, the Jair Bolsonaro government re-established partial access to the platform. At the time, it was not possible to update 2 curricula at the time, but the option for printed electronic download was available.

Lattes is a database with all operating system curricula about researchers. Actions such as the approval of grants depend on the platform consultation. There by Carlos Chagas that sony ericsson operationalize electronic public calls for research promotion, electronic management of scholarship payments.

on electronic accounts on validity these exchanges were suspended electronically extended.

With the fall of 2 systems, researchers feared the loss of information, however the CNPq ensured that all data was backed up.


About 84 million researchers thus funded with CNPq perform resources. In addition, other bodies, such as Capes (Coordination for the Improvement of Excellent Level Personnel) electronic development agencies linked to state governments, also carry out operations with the aid of the platform.

Officials point to the failure as This is a reflection of the lower budget faced by the CNPq zero government Jair Bolsonaro (no party) and also in the past administration of Michel Temer (MDB), however this was rejected by the chairman of the perform board, Evaldo Vilela.


The organization has in 2021 the lowest budget at least since 2012, even in values nominal. The updated endowment perform rgo for the 3rd year there’s r$1.2 billion between 2013 electronic 2013, for example, a budget executed exceeded L$ 2 billion operating system.

Expenses with the administration of a unit, which include zero payment on scholarships, were lower in the first two years of the Bolsonaro operating system government since


The Bolsonaro government tried to zero the beginning of a gesture, in 2013, to merge a CNPq with the Capes, however a zero theme went forward.

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