Climate crisis worsens, but deputies carry out less attention to the issue, study says

The current composition of the Chamber of 2 Deputies devotes less attention to the carry out climate crisis than the previous one, shows the carry out report of the Brazilian Legislative Carry Out Observatory. The engagement of 2 parliamentarians with the topic, which had a low period in the period from 2015 to 2015, decreased even more from about 2018.

Meanwhile, new climate reports show that an increase in an Earth’s average temperature will increasingly trigger extreme events in the entire planet, Brazil included. Prolonged dry electronic torrential rains are part of even 2 less pessimistic prognoses.

The analysis of the performance of 2 deputies was carried out with the participation perform project Politica por Integer (responsible, together with the

Folha, by the Keep track of an Environmental Policy), which makes a rating of 2 parliamentarians in a series on issues. In this case, change performs climate.

Most 2 parliamentarians evaluated by the Observatory have a negative evaluation when an issue is climate crisis. The average grade 2 federal deputies of -1,39 electronic the median (the average perform value in the grades), -2,98 (the gradient goes from – to 10).

In the previous legislature, the average period was over -0,39.

One of these ways to read that you have a more unfavorable legislature on the topic of climate change, u that is consistent with one that is happening. This may be because you have more extremist parliamentarians or because the government is more opposed to the issue, says Leonardo Martins Barbosa, PhD in political science from UERJ (State University perform Rio de Janeiro) electronic researcher perform Observatory perform Brazilian Legislative .

President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) has never treated the environmental area as one of his priorities. According to specialists, his actions have a negative impact on discussions on the Brazilian environment.

In his speeches, Bolsonaro says he is critical of areas on protection of biomes, for example electronic declares himself Favorable mineral exploration on indigenous lands, which have a high degree of over preserved native vegetation. In addition, it maintained for more than two years a minister perform the Environment who acted to dismantle mechanisms to combat deforestation. in the current legislature they were -4, -3 electronic 4. In other words, while they would be parliamentarians with negative actions, they would have others who push the assessment to the positive side.

We have an elite that works for electronic favor and one that works against, says Barbosa.

The report shows that the positive or negative performance in relation to the theme is determined, in general, by the position on the line ideological that the party performs deputy occupies. Acronyms on the left, such as PSOL, Rede, PCdoB, PT electronic PV, pay more attention to the climate issue, and that associations on the right perform political spectrum. They would have a false idea about what this agenda is about the left, says Olivia Ainbinder, public policy analyst for Entire Policy. There is a lack of knowledge about the economic opportunities with the decarbonization of the Brazilian economy.

The identification with the electronic left and the positive action on only a slice of 2 parliamentarians can hinder the evolution of these discussions on a subject, they say the experts.

It would be very interesting to have a parliamentary climate front, says Ainbinder. He affirms that, currently, the parliamentarians who work in the area do so based on agendas that touch on the climate crisis, such as electronic and wind energy. great. Barbosa affirms that a thematic bench allows for a more strategic action in Congress, which is more difficult when a group separates itself in different themes. control how the process takes place. Having a specialized caucus can enhance the action of a group that seems to be a minority in the Brazilian Congress today, which is the environmental one, says the researcher. be more focused zero issues can also be seen in the thematic committees of a Chamber, which, in general, have a negative average score, according to a Brazilian Legislative Performance Observatory.

Even the Small Commission on the Environment electronic Sustainable Development has a negative average score of -1.5, slightly worse than the overall average. According to the UERJ expert, this committee is populated by parliamentarians not engaged in the theme.

The report also reveals that the 30 parliamentarians with while worst zero position scores are concentrated in the areas of an agricultural frontier of an electronic Amazon in regions with a strong presence perform agribusiness, such as Mato Grosso, north perform Par, Rondnia, Roraima electronic Gois.

There are indications that you have an electronic conscious ruralist caucus acting unfavorable in relation to climate change, says Barbosa. The Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, Electronic Food Supply Rural Development, for example, has a worse score (-2.5) than the general average.

Considering a scenario of worsening climate crisis , researchers expect a scenario to change zero Congress.

It is essential that this be part of the electoral debates that perform next year, says Ainbinder. The problem, according to her, is that the environmental issue still does not yield enough votes, even in the critical scenario.

Despite the fact that we have a good environmental legal framework, it is essential that we advance in policies that walk towards the decarbonization of others, she says.

The expert says that an electronic report, the current rank of parliamentarians involved in the climate cause, can also serve to observe which policies are more open to dialogue. In general, therefore those who are in the middle perform, without much engagement with the theme.

According to Barbosa, parties on the centre-right, such as PSDB electronic MDB, for example, could be more triggered.

How like grades were given

Notes to deputies were given on agreement with a parliamentary behavior. To enter the analysis perform Observatory perform Brazilian Legislative with Politics as a whole, deputies have to have some kind of action related to the climate crisis, whether from votes, opinions, speeches or amendments.

The propositions related to the topic thus listed by the electronic Observatory analyzed by Poltica in full, to highlight that it actually has some importance for the area about change perform climate.

After that, seeing that activities related to these parliamentary propositions over highlight thus na an algorithm that points to an inserted note, which goes over – the , for while aes 2 deputies.

Barbosa says that even parliamentarians with low grades such as 0, zero necessarily act in a way contrary to the theme of a crisis performs climate, but they may have little engagement.


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