Chinese create a laboratory at home to help a child with an incurable disease

In order to try to offer a treatment that zero exists in The Far East to his son, who has little chance of surviving beyond two three years of age, a desperate father decided to install a pharmaceutical laboratory in his own home.

Even without better electronic training without knowledge of languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than performing Chinese, Xu Wei suddenly started his career as a technician in electronic laboratory the development of a treatment, with a background in documents in English that found on the web.

“Actually, zero I had “cadence” to think sony ericsson should do or zero. European union had to do,” said the father in his lab in a one bedroom apartment. building in Kunming installed, some large city in southwest Tiongkok.

Your son has some rare condition, the Syndrome over Menkes, which affects every nation 100 . newborns, electronic prevents you from moving alone electronic about talking.

“Although r about not learning to move or speak, he has electronic heart and emotions”, says Xu Wei.

To alleviate operating system symptoms there is only one medicine: a histidinate over copper, which zero is available in Cinna and not many other countries.

Because it deals with a rare case, thus few operating system laboratories in the world that sony ericsson have the research of this disease.

In other circumstances, Xu Wei could have sought zero treatment abroad, however the Covid closed like China’s borders to the rest of the world. Thus, he learned he was forced to invest all his savings in laboratory equipment.

“I invested between 300.000 electronic 400. yuan , zero I know very well”, he says.

Even without training in chemistry, Xu Wei managed to produce, in the fence about 000 days, a first vial perform medicine, consult many materials on the web after, mainly in English, which he managed to translate with the help of a software program.

“I was afraid of an accident, so I did tests on rabbits electronic then injected on myself”, said a chemistry apprentice.

Relieved, he started to administer seeing that the first dosages were zero boys, which then gradually increased. Today, little Haoyang receives some injection all operating system days, which provides u cover what your body lacks.

The story about Xu Wei electronic his son ze made some sensation, touching the press electronic operating system netizens all over the Tiongkok.

“As a doctor, I feel ashamed. This shows that we do not deal with these families, both the pharmaceutical sector and the healthcare system”, admitted Huang Yu, deputy director of the Department of Medical Genetics at Peking University.

Despite his efforts , Xu Wei zero sony ericsson eludes while odds on survival perform baby.

“Histidinate over copper only alleviates operating system symptoms. It does not cure the disease, but it can reduce its progress”, he stated, adding that the operating system perform baby blood tests were normal, two weeks after the start carry out treatment.

Zero resigned to producing his own treatment, Xu Wei has embarked on gene therapy, which offers some hope of a cure with a development on an experimental genetic vector.

His work has led to an international biotechnology laboratory, u VectorBuilder, the start of research on the Menkes syndrome, “some rare ailment like rare” among, as summarized a company scientific director, Bruce Lahn.

“This is the first time that we have We ventured into researching this disease,” said Lahn AFP. “It was Xu’s courage that drove us to take that step,” he added. a few months, electronic later clinical testing, “maybe the beat” about trying to save a little Haoyang.

“Zero I want you to wait for death with despair. Even if it fails, I want my son to have that minimum hope,” stated Xu Wei.

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