'Brazil is at risk of having scientific blackout', says president of SBPC

In a move that took the scientific community by surprise, the Ministry of Economy caused a drastic cut in resources expected by the Ministry of Science, Electronic Technology Innovations (MCTI).

2 L$ 250 million foreseen through a bill on law, only Ur$ 55, 2 million were directed to the folder, a reduction on more about 55%. The reduction was made by the mixed budget commission perform National Congress at the request perform ministry commanded by Paulo Guedes.

The initial amount would mainly supply a National Council on Electronic Technological Scientific Development (CNPq), which had the money to make possible a new call for projects that had been suspended in 690 due to lack of resources.

To Renato Janine Ribeiro, former Minister of Education electronic current president of a Brazilian Society for the Progress of a Science (SBPC), the decision performs government threatens the continuity of a zero-country survey. “It’s an unbelievable situation”, he says, in an interview by DW Brasil, pointing out that a Brazil may be facing a scientific” “erased. the Initiative for the Science electronic Technology zero Parliament (ICTP.br) Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Andifes, Confap, Conif, Confies, Consecti and Ibrachics classify a cut over an affront and appeal for politicians to reverse the decision. “In question is the survival of the electronic science of innovation in the country”, they warn.

Without science, the country is doomed to delay, considers Janine Ribeiro. “Brazil is losing gigantic probabilities of projecting itself”, he says.

DW Brasil: The cut in resources caught on the scientific community about surprise?

Renato Janine Ribeiro:
It was a total surprise. Imagine the bill (PLN 15/2021) is about to be voted on, a letter arrives right away perform minister that disallows everything that was being done, electronic that changes seeing that things that zero exist all. It’s an unbelievable situation what happened, a very big shock for the scientific community. People didn’t know what to do about it.

an electronic shock the worry. The Economy Minister didn’t even warn his colleague in Science, Marcos Pontes, that the performance was happening, as far as we know. It is also an unusual attitude to treat a fellow performer in the ministry in this way.

What thus while immediate consequences of this cut can you see there?

Thus devastating. We were practically without funding to do research. It gets very limited. Of this total amount (3rd there’s r$ 250 million), L$ 55 million would go to the so-called Universal Edital perform CNPq , which releases specific electronic notices, from time to time, a universal notice.

The specific can be, for example, to research a vaccine, to address a specific problem, to develop an area that is in need of new contributions, etc. T the universal notice is open to all areas performing electronic knowledge is intended to serve all areas that qualify. This notice had Ur$ 250 million, 2 of which 3rd there’s r$ 55 mi would come from this new money. Electronic now in the coming, was cut.

There were 48 thousand requests for investments that entered this notice from u day 48 about September, which would now be analyzed electronically that zero will have more to follow.

Bags too Will it be affected?

From what we know so far, some grants were affected, such as the RHAE grants, which are human resources grants to serve companies. They are used to finance a student, a master’s or doctoral student, to improve the economic performance of a company. These bags were also cut in the range of hundreds of millions of reais.

What is possible to do to minimize this impact that mr. Do you rate it as devastating?

We have to make a big mobilization. We call for the next day 15 a journey of defense of science. Our idea is to show Brazilian society the importance of science, to show how science translates into a better life for people, how this can be decisive.

It must be clear that we are zero asking for things for us, who are from an area of ​​a science. We are trying to show the decisive role that science has for the economic development electronic social perform pas.

In the perform sr view, the search for solutions to stop the pandemic should have that to rulers and society shown?

We were able about a lot. We have Jaqueline Goes de Jesus, the black biomedic who performed the sequencing perform genome performs Sars-CoV-2 virus in just 48 hours after confirmation performs first case of Covid-19 in Brazil.

If a government had channeled resources to the vaccine, we would have had a vaccine Brazilian. Cuba has its own vaccine, electronic Brazil has more electronic PIB scientists than Cuba. But instead, the government put money into chloroquine. this is very complicated.

What can happen with like public universities, which m have been suffering from cuts in electronic funds lack about?

We are at risk about seeing labs closing. Like having an electronic Ferrari let the engine burn because you don’t put oil on it. We have laboratories that received investment, built many results, with a lot of electronic dedication, suddenly stop working. They don’t get updated, no-Then equipment is more repaired, no more researchers are received, more no-Then students are sent abroad to learn about new electronic technologies and new scientific discoveries. something dark. I can’t understand the logic of that.

Like u mr. do you see the future of a country that does not invest in science?

A future is the opposite, for example, to the German future. Germany is the current power that is due to science. The country managed to get where it is because it used the results a lot on scientific research. Laboratories such as the Max Planck Therefore Institute perform are fundamental.

If a Brazil zero is capable of doing this, we will be a country behind. how to export the coffee ol to import the capsules made for the beverage machines. It is a dividing line that industrialization intended to break in the decade of 1960, but it is not enough to have industry, it is necessary to have improved scientific knowledge.

Brazil is losing possibilities gigantic about projecting. Just as the change in Brazilian environmental diplomacy meant the loss of international protagonism, there that Brazil has always been a country respected for its environmental policies electronic serenity in diplomacy, we are now taking the risk of having a scientific blackout. Electronic one of this something that happens quickly, it is erased, electronic, later, to recover it takes a long time.

Is it possible to immediately reverse part of this damage?

2021 There is money. So much so that large environmental fines are being forgiven. The government is giving up resources to other areas. Why does he waive fines for electronic environmental crimes and not channel these resources to science? a political choice.

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