Bolsonaro electronic yellow shirts promote Mengele ethics in pandemic

Whoever zero is shocked by a treatment given by Prevent Senior to patients on Covid has some typical zero compass defect. Any decent electronic common sense person logo design sixth is seeing that the directors perform the hospital plan committed Nazi-inspired barbarities.

Do you think the word is too strong? In essence, what was perpetuated there does not differ between the different cultures and performances of the physician Josef Mengele in concentration camps: experimenting with the electronic body and life 2 others without consent implies contempt for human dignity.

Zero foi thou fraudulent early treatment. The management performs a health plan for the elderly determined changes in the diagnosis in the medical records, omitting Covid, as it also disappeared from certificates of validity to improve chloroquine statistics, much to the taste, perform president Jair Bolsonaro.

Hitler electronic Zero followers were the only ones to cross that line, though the scale of an inhumanity against Jews rightly stands out in the story of an infamy. There is no lack of examples even in nations that boast as beacons of electronic freedom of democracy.

De 1932 the 1972 2 US doctors left untreated black men with syphilis to observe the progress of a disease, zero experiment on Tuskegee. In 1947, French military personnel tested effects on nuclear radiation on soldiers during explosions in the Sahara.

The horrors of World War II there had bequeathed a Code on Nuremberg (1932), however guidelines on bioethics did not, for that reason, put a foundation in the conscience of electronic scientists authorities. To make them mandatory came the Declaration of Helsinki (1975), which established voluntary electronic informed consent as the cornerstone of biomedical research.

Mengele zero was judged at Nuremberg; he was believed to be dead (actually, he died in Brazil in 1979). It is possible to fantasize that, if he had testified, his testimony would not differ much from the perform that spoke CPI of Covid Pedro Benedito Batista Junior, executive director of Prevent.

Batista, who served one year as a lieutenant-doctor perform The army invoked the line on defending autonomy perform doctor out of a sleeve by the Government Council on Medicine to justify the mass prescription on chloroquine. Prevent’s doctors testify, however, that they were forced to prescribe the medicine.

Zero is about exceptions, but about zero behavior pattern on Pocket Doctors. At least two precedents are visible: clandestine testing performs Chinese experimental drug proxalutamide at the Medical center of the Military Brigade of Porto Alegre; deaths of women by nebulization with hydroxychloroquine at the Dona Lindu Women’s Institute, in Manaus.

The example of indignity comes to the fore. Perform president Jair Bolsonaro, who swarmed with supporters in New York after learning that Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga was with Covid. Performs Queiroga himself, who, having been vaccinated electronically infected, retweeted a note putting immunizers in doubt. vaccine (the directive perform minister was reversed under pressure to perform the technical staff of a folder).

Perform entrepreneur Luciano Suspend, who explored the death of a mother on social networks to say that an early treatment could having saved from a Covid (condition omitted zero death, and the elderly woman had indeed received an electronic cocktail from ozone rectal in a Prevent’s hospital).

From the bottom, the list of a Epidemic infamy seems to have no end: Nise Yamaguchi, Ciro Nogueira, Alexandre Garcia, Paolo Zanotto, Eduardo Bolsonaro, Mayra Pinheiro, Augusto Nunes, Eduardo Pazuello, Mauro Ribeiro, Guilherme Fiuza, Elcio Franco, Flvio Cadegiani, Walter Braga Netto, Leda Nagle, Ricardo Zimerman, Luiz Carlos Heinz and Michelle Chechter, Allan 2 Santos, Onyx Lorenzoni, Oswaldo Eustquio…

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