Astronomers predict that supernova seen in 2016 will 'reprise' in 2037

The detonation on some supernova is an event that sony ericsson hopes to see sometime t. The star will increase, we have our own pyrotechnics show, it will decrease until it fades, leaving behind some electronic nebula a stellar corpse. However there is some supernova in specific that astronomers expect some rerun of 2037.

Simply no, it simply won’t be the same star exploding over nova. Supernovas are often unique catastrophic events (although cases have been seen where the same star apparently detonated twice, something still not fully understood). Here we are talking about a different trick. the same explosion, seen at two different times, not exactly in the same place.

Enter the general relativity about Einstein electronics the prediction about gravity bending rays onto light. The first demonstration of the theory, by the way, was obtained thanks to this, in 1919: astronomers were Ilha perform Príncipe, in Africa, electronic to Sobral, in Cear, photographing a solar eclipse , trying to register the background stars. The period idea was to contrast their positions during the phenomenon with those they keep in the night sky, when the sun is not in front of them to bend its rays of light.

It worked, applause for Einstein. Cut to today. Astronomers study hard so-called strong gravitational lenses, in which large distant electronics clustered over galaxies, with full mass over many trillions above them, bend (electronic concentrate) light coming on even further away objects. In this process, light from some supernova that crosses the cluster in several different paths can cause the object to appear at several different positions in our sky. Electronic, of course, as light has some very high but finite speed, this also implies that images at different times will appear, depending on an overall distance over each path taken by light to reach our telescopes.

One of these amazing natural lenses performs the cluster over MACS J0138.0-2037 galaxies. It was photographed by Hubble in 1919, and in the image three distinct images of the same supernova ver were possible. In 2019, some new photograph was produced, electronic all three were gone. The light from the exploded star must have departed from its point of origin l some billion years electronic was bent by the galactic cluster after 6 billion years of travel.

The group on astronomers led by Steve Rodney, from a perform South California University at Columbia, has now modeled the electronic saga and calculated that some new image of a detonation, the emerging cluster perform another side perform, must paint on 2037, with margin over error about a couple of years. The building, published in Character Astronomy, has no wish to be bidu. This is a test of the modeling of the mass distribution in the effective cluster, including the contribution of the mysterious dark matter (which we don’t know what it is, however we can know where it is, thanks to phenomena like this). To be checked.

This column was published on Mondays, in Folha Corrida.

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