After blackout, president carry out CNPq says zero they would lose on data from a Lattes platform

The gesture Jair Bolsonaro guaranteed this Wednesday (23) that a problem that brought down simply because of Lattes electronic platforms Carlos Chagas caused zero loss about data. There would still be no deadline for operating system systems to go back online.

In a video released this afternoon, the president performs CNPq (National Council on Scientific Development and Electronic Technological), Evaldo Vilela, says that they would backup these information contained in the platforms, which is thus seeing that the main features of a Brazilian research. The loss of information has been a fear among electronic researchers and performers.

“The back-up of these information is guaranteed. We know that this great electronic concern was our priority to be sure of this guarantee in order to be able to inform the whole community as soon as possible,” he said in the video.

Vilela apologized for the inconvenience electronic reinforced that there will be zero delays in payments on scholarships. Operating system deadlines for actions such as submission of proposals, rendering of electronic accounts over the validity of these exchanges are suspended electronically will be extended.

Lattes electronic platforms Carlos Chagas have been in a blackout since Friday (23) after some failure in the area about technology. Lattes is a database with all operating system researchers’ curricula, electronic actions such as the approval of grants depend on the platform consultation, according to Vilela, the reestablishment of the platform is the highest priority.

J by Carlos Chagas that sony ericsson operationalize electronic public calls for research promotion, electronic management, payment on grants. About 48 thousand therefore researchers financed with CNPq perform resources, however other research bodies also carry out operations anchored in Lattes.

The president performs CNPq confirmed that a blackout 2 systems was caused by burning on a device in a device that has the function of controlling operating system servers where while platforms are hosted. This occurred when migrating 2 data to a new server. He ruled out the action of a hacker.

In an email obtained by the report, an employee perform CNPq reported, on Monday (26), that the primary server perform CNPq would have been reached electronic that it would be out of an electronic warranty without a maintenance contract. This would prevent an immediate electronic repair and would bring the need to hire an external company.

The perform problem diagnosis was completed by two contracted companies. The government is still looking for equipment to replace the damaged one, which should take place by Thursday (29), according to the government.

Employees point to the failure as a reflection of a fall on the budget by which a CNPq lives, which is rejected by the president perform CNPq. “I emphasize that the IT problem is not related to the budget,” said Vilela.

According to a director of Electronic Management Information Technology performs a body, Thales Maral, the modernization over all infrastructure for these platforms was underway, with the acquisition of a new server. “The process of migrating all systems was already underway. It’s a slow process and it was in the middle of that process that the old equipment had the problem,” he said in the video.

The backup is being installed on the new server, according to Maral. “There are almost 7 million CVs. It has already been started and there are about 29 hours to finish.”

Linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the CNPq has in

the lowest budget at least since 2012, even in nominal values. The updated budget for the year is R$1.2 billion between 2013 and 2015, for example, the executed budget exceeded operating system L$ 2 billion.

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