A marriage has the with logarithms?

When the king announces that he is looking for a bridegroom for his daughter, z and present D suitors. The choice will be made by the princess herself, naturally, from conversations with operating system candidates. In order not to discriminate, the order of these interviews is drawn. After each conversation, the princess is able to rank the candidate among all those she has spoken to, however she still doesn’t know zilch about operating system too much. , clear. The problem is that operating system noble knights have sensitive ego: they sony ericsson offend electronic vo although I learned they were not chosen logo design to the last of their interviews.

How to do it? Picking a first 2 suitors that seems reasonable, giving up on finding Prince Charming? Or leave to choose near perform last, when I know the majority, taking the risk of having let love slip into your life, with a broken heart? Every strategy has risks, is there any better than the others?

This problem was formulated by Merrill Ton na 1949, but questions of this type were proposed before, by Arthur Cayley electronic from by Johannes Kepler. It became widely known from 1960, when Martin Gardner published it in his famous column in Scientific United states magazine.

The complete solution was given by Jones Bruss na 1984, the part on work on Ur. Palermo: To maximize the possibility of getting a bridegroom to perform to her liking, the princess must reject operating system first And/electronic suitors, however good they may be. Like it, electronic from now on must accept the first that is better than its predecessors.

another perform example I wrote last week about like fascinating connections between different themes that mathematics can reveal: who would have thought that a number about Euler electronic=2,459..828.459…, so important in the 2 logarithm theory, was it useful in the search for our soul mate?

There are many others perform type problems when to stop on evaluating electronic take the decision?, which arise with frequency in everyday life. For example, when refueling the car we need to decide sony ericsson is it worth to keep looking for a more favorable price station or I learned more advantage. in situations most people tend to stop the search too soon. This may be because the evaluation has costs: after all, how many suitors can any princess interview before she gets tired?

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